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…Lost blankets the Southwest with new sales staff.....


…Lost Blankets the Southwest with New Sales Staff, Eyes Midwest Domination
New sales reps for CA, AZ and NV continue aggressive sales strategy for 2010

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 September, 2010 : - - Irvine, Calif. With holiday efforts in full swing and Spring 2011 around the corner, the …Lost sales force is busting at the seams these days.  So much, in fact, that we’re recruiting some trusted family members who’ve been around since the beginning to help us deliver our brand message and products into the marketplace. 

A brief summary of the new hires and team changes include:
Kasey Curtis – That’s right, our very own …Lost family member is the new sales rep for the ever-important Southern Orange County, San Diego and Inland Empire regions, which are all close to his hometown of San Juan Capistrano.  We figured, who knows how to sell the brand better than a guy who’s been representing …Lost for so many years already?  KC has made the transition from prominent surf star to valiant road warrior by jumping aboard the …Lost sales team when the opportunity presented itself.  He will be handling clothing, as well as …Lost surfskates AND surfboards (which he knows in detail from countless hours of true product testing!).
Benny “Your Favorite Sales Rep” Bigler – Back by popular demand, long-time …Lost team rider and sales guru Benny Bigler is hitting the road again.  After a couple of years in the …Lost offices, we could not ignore the multiple requests from our retailers to work with Benny again as their outside rep.  So, we’ve arranged for Benny to manage the Northern Orange County and LA regions, with an emphasis on doing what he does best: provide a level of service, passion and general salesmanship that is second to none.  He will focus exclusively on selling all aspects of the …Lost brand (apparel, Surfboards and Surfskates) to retailers throughout the territory.  Although we’re gonna miss having him in the office every day, we also realize that we can’t keep a good man caged forever.
Tyson Rossi – Besides having a really cool name, Tyson was brought onto the team for his expertise in outside sales.  He’ll be looking after the Arizona and Nevada areas, where selling …Lost sounds like a hot and sweaty occupation.  Perfect for Tyson!  And perfect for …Lost.
In addition, the …Lost sales team has plans to add a Midwest sales rep in the near future, which will spread the …Lost apparel and lifestyle to an attention-starved population eager to see product in their local retail stores.
“It’s an exciting time to be part of the …Lost family as we expand into different areas of the country,” said …Lost GM, Chad Crites.  “Following the hiring of Brian [Sanders] as National Sales Manager last month and with these new guys on board, we’re aiming to get our brand to a broader audience.  The essence of the …Lost brand -- which is built on attitude, irreverence, independence and humor -- appeals to more than just a coastal customer base.  By the end of the year, we hope to expand our reach even further and get Midwest retailers hooked on …Lost as well.”
For more …Lost news, videos and other useless knowledge, give us a ring, send a telegram or visit the revamped Web site at
About …Lost
Lost Clothing USA (DCC) is the domestic licensee of …Lost apparel. Lost was born around ‘91 or ‘93 in San Clemente, California with the simple premise of not being lost in the ‘herd’ of mainstream sports, but rather immersed in the surfing and skating lifestyle of Southern California.  Now, 17 or 19 years later, …Lost continues to thrive with the brand reaching over
35 countries around the world. 

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