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10 tips to support shapers during the blank shortage


Western Surfing Association

The WSA Suggests Ten Things You Can Do To Support Your Local Shaper/Surf Shop During The Blank Shortage!

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 December, 2005 : - - By now you’ve all heard about the sudden closing of Clark Foam, the supplier for 90% of surfboard blanks worldwide.  You’re immediate concern might be “how am I going to get my new board?”  Let’s consider how this will affect our local shapers and surf shops. 

These small business people will be without the key ingredient of their trade.  The medium for their sculpture.  They will be essentially shut down until a new supplier comes online.  And all at one of their busiest times of year.  Surf Shops will not have a major source of revenue as they sell out of their current stock of boards and can no longer take orders for new boards until a new supplier of blanks is found. 

I have no doubt that some resourceful entrepreneur will soon fill the void.  Business, as does nature, abhors a vacuum.  Until then, here’s ten things you can do to help:

1. Do all your Holiday shopping at your local surf shop.  Not the mall, not Hollister!
2. Ask your friends and family to also shop at your local surf shop.
3. Ask your shaper to shape you an epoxy board.
4. Buy a SurfTech or other Pop Out, licensed by your shaper.  They’ll get a royalty.
5. Buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, stomp pads or any other accessories your shaper sells.
6. Take better care of the boards you have.  Give your local glasser first opportunity to fix dings.
7. Don’t bitch when the price goes up.  Supply and demand.  If this were gas the prices would go up $3000 a board.
8. Don’t gripe to your shaper about not being able to get your board.  It’s not their fault.
9. Surfboards are insanely cheap for a custom handcrafted product.  Don’t grind your shaper for a bro deal when the blanks become available again.
10. Buy your shaper a drink!  They are all losing money and sleep.  Show some appreciation for that time you had to have 3 boards done in a week for your indo trip.

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Greg Cruse

Industry News - Surfersvillage


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