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1800 Clark foam blank surfboards online at Evolution


Original Clark Foam Blank Surfboards Available.

EVOLUTION SURF have over 1800 fully colored finished surfboards INSTOCK

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, 29 December, 2005 : - - The closure of Clark Foam plant in Laguna Niguel, California  is a long and complex story and the reality of their closure is just beginning to be felt in the surf community. EvolutionSurf, worked in tandem with Gordon “Grubby” Clark and his crew at Clark Foam to create a surfboard core of unsurpassed quality. 

This was not always easy, for the mass surfboard market has always wanted to keep surfboard blanks as cheap as possible. Some in the industry strive to create boards from the highest quality materials using plywood stringers and other quality elements to create superior surfboards. Clark Foam Plant created the high quality foam blanks that EvolutionSurf uses in their boards.

EvolutionSurf is fortunate to have both quantities of blanks and finished surfboard works of art available, as it has always been our policy to maintain high stock levels to properly serve our discerning clientele. It may take a few months or even a year, but the reality of what makes a great surfboard will be globally apparent. 

All surfboards are not created equal and a huge gap in the quality of the surfboard manufacturing chain will become evident, as the surplus stock of Clark Foam Blanks dwindles and fades.

Evolution Surf High Performance Surfboards are available exclusively at

For more information on Evolution Surf High Performance Surfboards and other High Performance products, please contact Whitney Rice or Danielle Levine of Behrman Communications, 212.986.7000

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