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18seconds airs hefty batch of digital goodies


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Digital Splendor: 18seconds airs issue #18

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 August, 2013 : - - 18seconds Magazine No. 18 Live: The Kirra revival, Allan Byrne tribute, Soli Bailey and the outlook on his surfing career, Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker and The Big Wave World Tour, New Zealand and its many dreamy lineups, future man Monty Tait, busting the wintery blues and more.

Ed Note: The biggest dick-tease: the Kirra revival.

Allan Byrne Tribute: The passing of a master craftsman.

A Taste Of Things To Come: Soli Bailey opens his state of mind and shares the outlook on his surfing future.

The Big Wave World Tour: Multi-time XXL winner Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker talks wave heights, tracking swells, making calls, blundered events, WCT guys, angry guys, sponsorship, big wave street cred and more, after the recently acquired Big Wave World Tour.

Music Ink: Army of Champions review.

Single Lens Reflux: Bringing up the lives of frothing lensmen. This issue it’s Jim Culley’s multimedia portfolio on New Zealand and its many dreamy lineups.

Busting the Wintery Blues: 10 steps to brightening your dreary day.

Future Men: Monty Tait: born and raised in the heavy waves of Maroubra! Kid rips and wins events, but still doesn’t have a major sponsor. Go figure!

Your pals, 18



Source: 18Seconds

Author: Andy Morris/18Seconds

Tags: 18Seconds, Kirra, Allan Byrne, Big Wave World Tour, Monty Tait

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