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Magazine Updates

World Tour calendar, Norway and, of course, Parko in 18Seconds Magazine: No. 14

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 December, 2012 : - - Inside No. 14: Joel Parkinson. 'I finally f#cking won.' Yes you did and we’ve got the goods from an historic Hawaiian season to show you. Andrew ‘Shorty’ Buckley is a wizard behind the lens – be it video or stills. Come check out his multimedia portfolio. Norway has surf. Yes, but how good? Chris Burkard takes us to the best place to find it.

There’s our user-friendly World Tour calendar, which breaks down the 2013 men's events, primes and stars, woman's world title events, world junior titles and specialty events. We've even made it available for free download or wall poster. Merry Christmas.

The Australian cyclone season is underway. See how it's stacking-up surf wise for the east coast of Australia. It’s looking good this season with our first episode of swell from Cyclone Evan touching down as we type.

Wanna bring your board to life? Check out what Posca artist Louis Gervais can do for you. Gold Coast flame, Tahnee Pinches gives you hot tips on blending with the opposite sex this summer. Random? Yes, but so are shifting sandbanks and we all love them.

Jackson Carey the Terry Hillbilly from Terry Hills is our future man – and shit can he surf.

Jake 'Yaki' Newell (our music reviewer and writer) reviews up-coming rock band Redcoats and we have a coupla tracks for your earholes. Geez... if that's not enough for ya bloated stockings, Yaki puts together the year’s 20 best tracks for your summer road spinning. And yep hit the play button and listen to them all in the magazine.



Source: 18Seconds

Author: Andy Morris/18Seconds

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