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18seconds mag dives in as Kirra comes to life

Mick Fanning, Kirra © Blake Ormerod

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Papau New Guinea, Snapper, Bells and Myles McGuinness' photo work on tap

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 April, 2013 : - - 18seconds Magazine No. 16 Out Now: new surfing terrain in Papua New Guinea, Runamuk Visuals, Kirra, Myles McGuinness’ photographic folio, Snapper and Bells, Aussie kid Connor Oleary exposed, music reviews and a whole lot more.

Inside you’ll find: a team of guys on a remote surfing expedition to Papua New Guinea, in the hunt for new waves and naming rights… did they find any? Can’t remember, you’ll have to read the story. From loose street style art to insane surf vids to corporate gigs, Jake Donlen talks about the evolution of Runamuk Visuals, how it’s all grown up and the current (and future) state of the surf industry.

Kirra shows signs of her former self and everyone falls in love with her again. Myles McGuinness from California is our featured photographer. He has an itch for exploration, unique light, patterns and textures. Probably has an itch for girls in bikinis too… just sayin’. We take you back to the CT events of Snapper and Bells for a visual recap.

Connor Oleary: a kid with skills, flying under the radar is now exposed! Sheldon Simkus from the Gold Coast is our featured Young Dude: this grom’s havin’ way too much fun. Jake 'Yaki' Newell (our music reviewer and writer) reviews acoustic/alternative/indie cool dude Ben Howard.




Source: 18Seconds

Author: Andy Morris/18Seconds

Tags: 18Seconds, Snapper, Bells, Aussie, Connor Oleary

Magazines: Surfersvillage


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