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18th annual Surf for the Sea contest hits Oceanside





18th Annual Surf for the Sea 

North Jetty, Oceanside, California, USA
27 - 28 September, 2014
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Surf contest gets postponed due to hurricane swell

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 September, 2014 - The 18th Annual Surf for the Sea surf contest was held at the Oceanside Pier on Saturday and Sunday, September 27 & 28, 2014. The originally scheduled event was Sept 6 & 7 at  Oceanside North Jetty but was postponed due to 2 massive hurricane swells and an intense New Zealand swell that made conditions hazardous for surfing. This surfing event is in loving memory of the late Harry Bennett, Steve Leighton, Tore Bonura, Chuck “Clubber” Hundley, Banning Capps, Court Overin, John Craven, Midget Smith, Casey Williams, Chris Pompa, Michael Pultz, and most recently Susie Prestie.  They are all our local family of surfers who have passed away.

This is an annual Memorial Benefit for the Environment with proceeds going to the Surfrider Foundation, San Diego Chapter, and other environmental organizations that help to raise awareness and help protect our ocean, waves and beaches. 216 competitors received an event T-Shirt, lunch catered by Johnny Manana’s Restaurant and a chance at many raffle prizes including 4 surfboards and 6 skateboards.

Local merchants and sponsors who help make this event a success year after year are: Asylum Surf Shop, Bodyglove Wetsuits, Byrne Surfboards, Dragon Optical, Eco Water, Etnies Surfwear, Firewire Surfboards, Fox Deluxe, Johnny Mananas, North County Trophies, PCH Mortgage & Real Estate, Josh Potter Art, Raz New Kreations Surf Products, Oakley, Skate One/Surf One/Positiv Skateboards, Smith Optics, Spy Optics, Standard Graphics, Sticky Bumps, SUPERBRAND Surfboards, Surfride Board Shop, The Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter, WSA (Western Surfing Association), Scholastic Surf Series and Zico Beverage.

Pro/Am Open
1.  Max Gardenier      $500    Oceanside
2.  Pedro Fernandez    $250    Dominican Republic
3.  Kyle Marre        $150    Carlsbad
4.  Vince Alessi    $100    Oceanside

Men (18-24)
1.  Ethan Grant         Carlsbad  
2.  Kyle Marre            Carlsbad
3.  Max Gardenier        Oceanside
4   Tanner Waite        Oceanside
5.  Spencer Bentley        Carlsbad
6.  Josh Maynard        Oceanside

Masters (25-34)
1.  Colin Anderson        Santa Barbara
2.  Greg Abad            Oceanside
3.  Carson Smith        Vista
4.  Keith Bybee        Cardiff
5.  Luis Barboza        Encinitas
6.  Scott McBride        Oceanside

Senior Men (35-49)
1.  Chuck Golden        Carlsbad
2.  Mike Thomas        Carlsbad
3.  Jared Dunham        Oceanside
4.  Kevin Wood        Arizona
5.  Josh Spengler        Oceanside
6.  Scott Garner        Oceanside

Legends (50 +)
1.  Dave Kerr            Oceanside
2.  Ray Kunz            Oceanside
3.  Mike Risko            Oceanside
4.  Jimmy Weldon        Oceanside
5.  Steve Banken        San Diego
6.  Mark Tobin        Templeton

Micro Groms (6 & Under)
1.  Evan Saltes            Encinitas
2.  Jett Prefontaine        Carlsbad  
3.  Hudson Saunders        Laguna Beach
4.  Apollo Bennett        Oceanside
5.  Lenin Ferguson        Carlsbad
6.  Hayden West Suess    Oceanside

Micro Groms (8 & under)
1.  Lucas Owston        Oceanside
2.  Hudson Saunders        Laguna Beach
3.  Eli Park            Carlsbad
4.  Peyton Shaw        San Clemente
5.  Ben Brantell        San Clemente
6.  Ryder Newtson        Vista

Grommet Boys (12 & Under)
1.  William Mitchell        Oceanside  
2.  Kiko Nelson        San Clemente
3.  Sam Nelson        San Clemente
4.  Ethan Prestage        Carlsbad
5.  Hayden Millerick        San Clemente
6.  Evan Gallen        San Diego

Boys (13-14)
1.  Ethan Hurst        Huntington Beach
2.  Max Beach            San Clemente
3.  Tucker Trickey        Encinitas
4.  Orion Lehrmann        Carlsbad
5.  Makiah Spiess        Carlsbad
6.  Trent Smith        San Diego

Junior Men (15-17)
1.  Remy Juboori        La Jolla
2.  Landen Kerr        Oceanside
3.  Jack Matt            Carlsbad
4.  Michael Dennis        Carlsbad
5.  Nick Holdman        San Diego
6.  Reid Novelich        Menifee

Gromette Girls  (12 & under)
1.  Jayme Linnes        San Clemente
2.  Bryce Ava Wettstein    Encinitas
3.  Lilie Kulber        Los Angeles
4.  Olivia Pessanha        San Diego
5.  Rachel Risko        Oceanside
6.  Makenna Doan        San Diego

Girls (15 & Under)

1.  Sydney Tisdel        Carlsbad
2.  Jordyn Barratt        Cardiff
3.  Samantha Sibley        San Clemente
4.  Cameron Duby        San Juan Capistrano
5.  Maddie Devilbiss        Carlsbad
6.  Brooke Young        San Diego

Open Women Shortboard
1.  Rachel Tominaga        Manhattan Beach
2.  Cameron Duby        San Juan Capistrano
3.  Samantha Sibley        San Clemente
4.  Sydney Tisdel        Carlsbad
5.  Samantha Lamirand    Cardiff
6.  Maddie Devilbiss        Carlsbad

Open Womens Longboard
1.  Cameron Duby        San Juan Capistrano
2.  Keili McEvilly        Carlsbad
3.  Hana McEvilly        Carlsbad        
4.  Kaitlin Ray            San Diego

Junior Longboard (25 & under)
1.  Austin Sonnier        Encinitas
2.  Orion Lehrmann        Carlsbad
3.  Zach Philoctete        Long Beach
4.  Ben Goldstein        Carlsbad
5.  Oshean Lehrmann        Carlsbad
6.  Jace Gardenier        Oceanside

Senior Longboard (26 & over)
1.  Ryan Leighton        Oceanside
2.  Shea Roney        Leucadia
3.  Aaron Holland        Fallbrook
4.  Pablo Fernandez        Temecula
5.  Josh Spengler        Oceanside
6.  Ben Murphy        San Diego

Surfboard Winners:
Ryan Risko, Oceanside     Byrne Surfboard
William Mitchell, Oceanside    Firewire Surfboard
Austin Campbell, Oceanside    Raz Surfboard
Josh Spengler, Oceanside    SuperBrand Surfboard


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