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Futures team riders square off in Hurley final

Jordy and John John © Futures



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Futures team riders Florence and Smith battle in WCT final 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 September, 2014 - For the first time ever, two Futures team riders squared off in a man-on-man ASP Final. Jordy Smith versus John John Florence at the 2014 Hurley Pro was a match-up that had been brewing all week. From the free surfs during the swell prior to the event window, throughout the lay days and right up to the Final, they were the standout performers. The surf industry pundits have been calling for a Jordy win all season. At every venue, he was a favorite. They have also been calling John John the best surfer in the world. His performance in Tahiti last month reinforced that claim.

“I feel unbelievable,” said Jordy in his post heat interview, “to be able to surf against the best surfer in the world at the moment is incredible. I started the heat really well but right toward the end I started to think about everyone that’s been supporting me and it helped me nail that last wave. I knew I had to do something good. I’m over the moon, it’s a dream of mine to win Trestles, especially after moving here.” Jordy’s two scoring rides in the Final came on his opening wave and his last wave. Needing a modest 6.54, he used priority and paddled into a set wave with two minutes remaining and earned a 7.17 to re-take the lead and seal the victory.

“I was hoping that Jordy’s wave wasn’t going to be enough but he got it,” said John John, moments after the final score was confirmed. “It was really hard to surf out there and good job to Jordy, he’s been surfing good all week. I’m so bummed, I hate coming that close to winning, but it’s given me some confidence going in to the next event.” It was a special day for Futures. With such outstanding performances throughout the event we celebrate both Jordy and John John equally, and look forward to many more of these battles between them. 

Barry Marmion

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