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A $300 boardbag fee? Find out which airline

Swiss Air charges $250 for surfboards while All Nippon charges $300



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Wavetribe provides 2014 Airline Surfboard Boardbag Fee Guide 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 February, 2014 - This is much easier than dialling up your friend competing globally on the WQS. Wavetribe’s Derek Dodds has gone through the painstaking task of contacting all major airlines to research their board bag fees. During the research Mr. Dodds found that some airlines are superstars (hello Singapore, Quantas & Virgin!), not charging at all for boards while others just plain gouge - yes, that’s you Delta, US Air & Northwest.

And some airlines add new meaning to the term price gouge, charging half the cost of a new board. The author was once on a Thai Air flight that opened his bag to count how many boards he had.

“On Thai Air I had three boards in my bag coming back from Bali ($150 x 3) and they charged me some ridiculous tax on top of the $450,” says Dodd. “Can you imagine? I will neverfly Thai Air again and I hope that this list will prevent you from getting caught with your pants down.”

Airlines that include a surfboard as part of the regular bag allowance:

Virgin (Europe)
Interjet (Mexico)
Quantas (Australia)
Singapore (Asia)
South Africa (duh)
Air New Zealand
Qatar Airways (New 2014)

Airlines that charge more than $100 each way:

Cathay Pacific
Hawaii Air

Airlines that charge more than $150 each way:

Japan Air
US Air

Top offending airlines:

Alitalia $260
Swiss Air $250
Thai Air $150 Per Board (yes, they open the bag and count)
United $200
All Nippon $300

Read the full article with full information at Wave Tribe

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