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6 Aussies/Brazilians & 2 USA/SA for Onbongo final day

Renan Rocha : photo ASP South America

Onbongo Pro Surfing

ASP 6 star WQS mens event.
Praia Mole,Florianopolis-Brazil.
Prizemoney $100,000 - Points 2500.
30 October - 3 November 2002.

6 Aussies/Brazilians & 2 USA/SA for Onbongo final day.

Report Day 4:

Competition: Round of 64 and 32 completed today. Tomorrow we will run the quarters, semis and the final from 10:00AM to 1:35PM.

Conditions: excellent conditions and great surfing during all day. Southeast swell provides really good waves from 3 to 5 feet with lefts and rights open face waves.

Wind: light offshore (northerlies) at Praia Mole.

Weather: overcast in the morning, but sun comes at noon bringing a hot and good weather and clear sky.

Crowd: as expected, the good weather brought a huge crowd to the beach. There was approximately 10.000 people watching the contest today. Beautiful girls, small bikinis and perfect atmosphere and set up for an international surfing event.

Highlights: Australians and Brazilians still dominating the event with 6 surfers each in the quarters. USA and South Africa have two each remaining.

We had great heats throughout the day with some incredible performances. The today´s highlights were Cris Davidson (Aus), Travis Logie (SAfr), Ben Bourgeois (USA), Richard Lovett (Aus), Armando Daltro (Brz), Guilherme Herdy (Brz), Rodrigo Dornelles (Brz) as you can see below:

9.50 Cris Davidson Aus (round of 32)
9.33 Travis Logie SAfr (round of 64)
9.27 Ben Bourgeois USA (round of 64)
9.20 Richard Lovett Aus (round of 64)
9.00 Armando Daltro Brz (round of 32)
8.83 Victor Ribas Brz (round of 64)
8.57 Guilherme Herdy Brz (round of 64)
8.50 Rodrigo Dornelles Brz (round of 64)

Heats, results, and LIVE SCORES are available here


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