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7S relaunches line with new shapes & technology

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Board Design

New range of boards designed by Richie Lovett

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 June, 2014 - From its inception into the surfboard market over 10 years ago, 7S has built a reputation for producing quality designs like the ever-popular Superfish model, which to date has sold over 55,000 boards worldwide. July 2014 marks the arrival of contemporary new branding for 7S and a totally new surfboard range designed by former ASP World Tour professional Richie Lovett. 

Drawing on more than 30 years of surfing experience, and knowledge gained from working with some of the world’s best shapers, Richie has developed 3 functional board models that fit the hybrid genre.  “I focus on usability when I’m designing boards so the rider can concentrate more on the wave and what they want to do, rather than worrying if their board will respond. The new 7S range is really functional, fun and easy to ride”, said Richie. 

Each model caters to a specific style of surfing and will be available in two construction options; PE (polyurethane core & epoxy resin) and GSI’s exciting new Carbon Vector (CV) technology that features a very dynamic, yet controlled flex pattern.

So what’s in the range?

The Superfish3 (SF3) is a modern fish shape with plenty of volume. This board catches waves easily, and offers a nice balance of stability, speed and manoeuvrability for novice and intermediate surfers to improve and advance their surfing quickly.

The Slipstream is a true hybrid, both from a design perspective and by definition of its performance. This versatile one-board quiver is comfortable on the open face or tight in the pocket. It’ll go anywhere and adapt to a range of different conditions. 

Finally the Saltshaker, a board designed for performance surfing in more critical parts of the wave. Essentially this is a super responsive shortboard with a little extra width and thickness to make hi-fi surfing more attainable.

Lovett went on to explain the range further. “I wanted to create an holistic range of boards that were individually relevant, yet could facilitate a surfers journey from the novice and intermediate level all the way through to the advanced level. So a surfer starts on the SF3, when they’re ready to take the next step they upgrade to the Slipstream, and for surfers reaching the advanced stage the Saltshaker will allow them to tap into their full potential”.

Along with the new branding comes a new mantra for the 7S brand - 7S Unleash Your Potential. We chose this mantra because we believe these boards will help surfers go to another level of not only performance, but also enjoyment. 

The new range of 7S boards will be available in the US from June, and will be hitting Aussie and NZ stores in August 2014. 



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