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7S & Richie Lovett launch Double Down surfboard model




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Double Down designed for the substandard waves we surf on a daily basis

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 July, 2016 - This high-volume surfboard was created for average, everyday conditions and smaller waves up to head-high. A great choice for most surfers, especially those ready to expand their quivers with a more user-friendly model.

"The Double Down was designed to satisfy two main purposes," explains Global Surf Industries Ambassador Richie Lovett. "More waves, more fun."

"Lets face it, most of us ride substandard waves on a daily basis, and the 7S Double Down will help you get the most of those everyday conditions by giving you an advantage in a crowded line-up, and on the waves as well.

"The outline is really balanced from nose-to-tail with a large sweet spot, and softer rails on the underside to make it super forgiving coming out of a turn. I've been calling the tail a 'corner-round', because it's like a round tail with corners on it. From a design perspective, the corner allows the tail outline to stay wider through the back half of the board. It's wide, but not too wide that it can't be put on-rail, and the round tail gives a really smooth transition between turns."

The 7S Double Down comes with a tri-quad fin set up, and is built using GSI’s Carbon Vector (CV) wrap technology. This is a lightweight construction with dynamic, yet very controlled flex pattern.

The Double Down is the 4th model Lovett has designed for 7S, and specifically for novice-to-intermediate surfers. More capable surfers also have the opportunity to unlock the board’s performance by exploring different fin options.

Following the extremely successful Superfish model, which established 7S surfboards more than a decade ago, Richie ultimately gave the brand a complete overhaul by introducing exciting models, the Saltshaker and Slipstream, re-designing the ever-popular Superfish 3, and now introducing the Double Down.

Lovett, a pro surfer from Manly, Australia, competed successfully for 10 consecutive years on the WSL’s elite Championship Tour. His pinnacle moment came in 2003, winning the Boost Mobile Pro at Lower Trestles, CA, over fellow Aussie superstar Taj Burrow.

Less than 2 years later, however, Lovett was diagnosed with cancer and underwent radical hip surgery to remove all traces of the deadly disease. More than survive the ordeal, he turned obstacles into opportunities and taught himself how to surf again, riding all types of boards in the process while gaining a deeper understanding of surfboards and how they work. In 2006 he began experimenting with design software, eventually stepped into the shaping bay and applying years of surfboard knowledge into his own polished act.



AVAILABLE SIZES: 5'2 | 5'4 | 5'6 | 5'8 | 5'10 | 6'0 | 6'2 | 6'4

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