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Abu Dhabi All Stars Invit'l goes live this week


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The Abu Dhabi All Stars Invitational will go live this week

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 April, 2013 : - - Abu Dhabi will play host this week to a selection of the world's very best stand up paddlesurfers for the inaugural Abu Dhabi All Stars Invitational, presented by the Abu Dhabi Sailing and Yacht Club, UAE SUP and Wadi Adventure Park.

The All Stars event will take the world of competitive surfing into a new realm, with its innovative format taking place in the wave pool at Wadi Adventure Park. The athletes will then come into the centre of the City to take part in the heat format elimination sprints for a combo of events that will highlight the appeal, diversity and reach of the incredible sport of stand up paddling. Watch the trailer here

The whole event will be broadcast live from Abu Dhabi starting with the Surf component at Wadi Adventure Park this coming Thursday 4th & 5th and then moving into the City on Saturday 6th for the fast paced sprints. Make sure to tune in live at

Unlike most surf events that are at the mercy of the surf forecast and nature's ever changing playing field, the wave pool at Wadi Adventure provides mechanical consistency, where every athlete will have exactly the same opportunities to surf, leaving it to their performance on the day to make the difference between winning and losing.

The mechanical precision of the pool also allows us to provide accurate timing for the whole event, with the Live broadcast schedule for Thursday and Friday being as follows (pls note that all timings are on UAE time - CET +3hrs / Sao Paolo +7hrs / EST +8hrs / PST +11 hrs / HST +14hrs / Sydney -7hrs):

Thursday 4th April:
• 1pm: Live show begins
• 1.30pm: Round 1: the 'Rights'
• 3pm: Round 2: the 'Lefts'
• 4.30pm: Round 3: the 'Closeouts'
• 6pm: Women's exhibition
• 6.30pm - 8pm: Freesurf Session

Friday 5th April:
• 10am: Live show begins
• 10.30am: Sudden death Round
• 12pm: Lunch Break
• 1.30pm: live show picks back up again
• 2pm: Quarterfinals
• 4pm: Semifinals
• 5pm: look back and build up to the Consolation Finals & Finals
• 5.30pm: Consolation Finals
• 6.15pm: Finals
• 7.15pm: Podium at Wadi Adventure Park

Make sure to tune in live at

With a completely manageable and predictable playing field, an innovative new format will be introduced at the Abu Dhabi All Stars, to promote performance riding and the most progressive and dynamic competition possible.

Round 1 will feature only the right hand breaking wave, with every rider getting 3 waves each, with their best wave to count. This will be a non elimnation round.

Round 2 will feature only the left hand breaking wave, with every rider getting 3 waves each, with their best wave to count. Again, this will be a non elimination round.

Round 3 will feature only the closeout wave, providing a junction section for riders to either boost air or lay into driving turns on. Again, each rider will get 3 waves each, with their best wave to count.

The best waves from Round 1, 2 and 3 will be added together to provide an overall result, with the Top 6 athletes advancing through to the quarter finals.

Sudden Death Round: The remaining athletes will go into a Sudden Death round for the final 2 places in the quarterfinals. Each athlete in this round will be allowed 3 waves of their choice, with their best ride counting towards their chances of advancing or not into the quarterfinals.

The Quarters through Finals will then adopt the traditional man on man format, with each heat providing the athletes 9 waves each: 3 rights / 3 lefts / 3 closeouts in the quarters and semis, with the best ride on each type of wave counting towards the overall result.

In the Consolation Finals and Finals themselves, the athletes will have 15 waves each, with the top 2 scoring rides from each type of wave counting towards their overall score to determine who will be the Champion of the Surf component of the Abu Dhabi All Stars Invitational.

Tune in live from 10am UAE time on Friday 5th April to for the culmination of the surf component of the Abu Dhabi All Stars.

Source: Stand Up World Tour  

Author: The Editors

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