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Ace Cool blogs about North Shore mix of combo swells



Ace Cool on the North Shore mixing it up in varied combo swell pattern

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 March, 2009 : - - Howzit North Shore! Lots of interesting combo swells this spring-time surf season! There would often be a hard North or North-East swell coming in the same time as an opposing West or North-West swell was lately. Sometimes one will build and the other will fade at the same time making for endless variations on the theme.

Himalayas goes right, Papailoa goes left and Hammerheads switches madly back and forth from rights to lefts to close-outs with no particular order or warning! Dual Cross-Swells are a little "cat and mouse" condition-wise for big wave paddling or towing! There is always the possibility of getting cleaned up if the surf is big, but in big cross-swells it is an inevitable probability!

Sometimes you just can’t help getting totally cleaned up by a huge close-out rogue set and taking major donuts! Several large sharks were spotted in the line-up at Hammerheads recently as they munched on some kind of LARGE animal carcass.

All 10 jet-skis that were out there tow-surfing when this incident happened went straight back to the harbor and got right out of the water for the rest of the day! Wearing a leash out there is a very good idea! I highly recommend it, especially at Hammerheads in dirty water!

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