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Agadir, Morocco to host Eurosurf Junior championships






Eurosurf Junior 

Royal Moroccan Federation of Surfing & European Surfing  Federation
Agadir, Morocco
3 - 11 December, 2016

Surfing European Nations will battle in 8 divisions 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 November, 2016 - From the 3rd to the 11th of December, the Surfing European Nations will meet in Agadir, to participate in the EUROSURF JUNIOR 2016 organized by AZURA Group.

This contest, organized by the Royal Moroccan Federation of Surfing FRMS   in partnership with the European Surfing  Federation , will welcome the Hotshots of the European Surf to award them with the European Junior championship title by team and the individual titles in the following categories:  Surfers U 14, surfers U 16, surfers U 18- U, surfers Ondines(Girls) U 18,  Bodyboard U 18, Bodyboard U 16, Bodyboard Ondines(Girls) U 18 and Longboard  U18.

The Royal Moroccan Federation of Surfing and the European Surfing Federation

From the beginning of the 60's, many European surfriders crossed the strait to discover the Moroccan potential. Over the years and in the course of the meetings, cordial links as well as a desire of opening up brought the Moroccan Federation  to become a full member of the European Surfing Federation. The FRMS is the only African national federation registered on the European Federation (Let us highlight that the national Open team is in the third position and the Junior team is in the fourth position in the European classification).

 The FRMS, in its mission of public service of organization and development of the Surf, delegated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, pursues its work of structuring at the national level through a wide program of formation, support of the surfclubs, training and competitions.

In parallel, it has worked for several years with the international authorities to promote the surf by developing long-lasting, beneficial partnerships for the development of the regional and continental Surf. The Junior Eurosurf 2016 which will take place in Agadir from the 3rd to the 11th of December  joins in this dynamics and follows upon the organization of the Junior Eurosurf in 2008, the Open Eurosurf in 2015 and has one multitude of stages of the European circuit of longboard and bodyboard.

Agadir and the Junior Eurosurf

Agadir which means " collective fortified granary " in Berber, first sea resort of Morocco, is a wintery key destination in the Surfing World. Agadir and its surroundings gather, within some dozens of kilometers, a succession of world class waves such as those of Anchor Point but also a multitude of ideal surf spots for a more playful practice

Choosing Agadir as support city of the Junior Eurosurf has a double meaning for the FRMS: First of all, the aim is to offer to the athletes the ideal conditions for the good progress of the event but also to pay homage to this region rich in  surfers, talent and skills for the national and international surfing.

All there is to know about Eurosurf Junior

Eurosurf Junior is a biannual competition which allows to award the European title by team (by adding the points won by the 14 athletes of a national team) and to award individual titles for the  European championship by the categories: Surfers U14,  surfers U 16, surfers U 18, surfers Ondines (Girls) lU 18,  Bodyboarders U18, Bodyboarders U 16, Bodyboarders Ondines (Girls) U 18 and  Longboard U 18. With the recent entry of Surfing in the Olympic Games, the Eurosurf Junior championship becomes, for the young talents of the continental surfing, a springboard to reach the Olympic selections.


1992: Bask Country - 1994 : France- 1996 : Portugal - From 1998 to 2014 : France. The Royal Moroccan Federation of Surfing and the European Surfing Federation thank for their support the AZURA Group, the Ministry of the Tourism of the Kingdom of Morocco and RED BULL.





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