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Al Hunt interprets the Dream Tour ratings shift post Brazil


Bede Durbidge : photo ASP Kirstin/Covered Images

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Al Hunt interprets shifts on the Dream Tour post Brazil

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 November, 2008 : - - Coolangatta - - For one time this year there has only been one ASP WQS event on this week in Hawaii, the Xcel Pro, which is down to the last day and waiting for a swell.

On the ASP World Tour though, the Hang Loose Santa Catarina Pro Brazil was won by Bede Durbidge who moved into second spot on the ratings edging Taj back to third. With the absence of 13 of the ASP Top 45 from the Hang Loose Santa Catarina Pro it was a chance for the others to make some ground and be in contention for a Top 27 spot.

With just one event left the following table shows what each surfer’s final points will be for each possible placing at the Billabong Pipeline Pro. Damien Hobgood is currently sitting in the 27th spot on 3,761 points so that is the minimum needed.

That means that Pancho Sullivan, Travis Logie, Luke Munro, Neco Padaratz, Jihad Khodr, Aritz Aranburu and Ricky Basnett cannot requalify via the ASP World Tour even if they won at Pipeline. Rodrigo Dornelles, Royden Bryson, Daniel Wills and Dan Ross will need a win to have any chance and Ben Bourgeois, Jay Thompson and Leonardo Neves a second or win.

Roy Powers, Mick Campbell and Tiago Pires have a chance with at least a 9th while Dean Morrison being injured for the last four events will be relying on a wildcard slot for 2009. I would think the cutoff point will be just over 4,000 and with about 100 points between each place on the ratings the guys just need to better those above them by one or two spots to jump up the ratings.

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Al Hunt / ASP WQS Tour Manager

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