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Alana Blanchard claims second Women's Pipe Pro title


Finalists : photo Carol Cunningham


Womens Pipeline Pro
Presented by Heavywater Magazine 
and JN Automotive Group

ASP WQS 1 Star Womens Event
Pipeline, North Shore Oahu
6 - 16 March 2007

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Alana Blanchard is 2007 Cholo's Women's Pipeline Pro Champion

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 March, 2007 : - - Exciting day two at the Banzai Pipeline where the Women's Pipeline pro wrapped up in perfect 3-5 feet waves with 6 foot sets and beautiful clean sunny conditions that held up all day.

One more year of hard work, sacrifice and sisterhood paid off in what turned out to be an exciting event and an amazing display of talent and drive.' All divisions put on a great display of determination to find the barrel at one of the World's best waves.

The bodyboarding final not only turned out to be an international final but each girl is a top rider in their respective homeland. All four girls charged some serious Backdoor barrels and showed off with some high-powered "rolos" to spice things up.


Action during the bodyboard competition


This was a high-scoring final with tight results. Hawaii's Claudia Ferrari took first place, her first title at Pipeline after so many years of "almosts". Puerto Rico's Natasha Sagardia followed her with second place, putting her small island's name up there with the best.

After an all-Hawaiian Semis and Final, "Miss Pipeline", young Alana Blachard made this her second win once more, solidifying her status as the "one to beat" for years to come. Leah Dawson claimed second place after quickly finishing her Longboard Final and running to the beach to make this final.

Rochelle Ballard accepted her third place trophy without first expressing her gratitude to Betty Depolito and her perseverance and sacrifice to make this all possible. At 12 years old Kallee Krebbs, took fourth place, becoming the youngest competitor to ripher way to the final. Helena Suehiro was given the "Soap Factory Rookie of the Year Award" for her strong performance up to the Semi finals.  

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Last year's Longboard champ Leah Dawson did it again, and claimed first place. This year she made both the shortboard and the longboard finals. Caron Farnham snagged the sickest Backdoor Barrel on her Longboard and received the "Best Ride" award .

After such a great turnout the future looks bright for this event. "Betty is doing an excellent job." said ASP Hawaii Rep. Faith Wenzl. "This year we had 2 WCT surfers who entered the event, and that makes it even bigger. Its also a good experience for the girls who are not used to ASP rated events. There is definitively a future."

Competing here is also a great opportunity for girls to come to Pipeline, practice and get used to this difficult break. Girls like Jenna Murad, from San Diego, entered this event for the first time. "My first time surfing Pipe was 4 days ago. I was exited and stoked to surf with Keala in my second heat. I have had the best week of surfing here this past week. I want to surf here more."


Kay Swim and Caron Farnham : photo Carol Cunningham


Contest director Betty Depolito has opened the doors for the women who want to perform in this spot. "I am happy with everything. This is a great opportunity for all the girls . It is good for their surfing and good for their positive thinking. As years go by they'll get more used to the size and position. This year we had big names like Bethany, Rochelle, and Keala who truly appreciate surfing this wave. I'm looking forward to the future."


1)Alana Blanchard
2)Leah Dawson
3)Rochelle Ballard
4)Kallee Krebs

1)Claudia Ferrari
2)Natasha Sagardia
3)Aoi Koike
4)Daniela Freitas

1)Leah Dawson
2)Megan Godinez
3)Candice Appleby
4)Stacia Ahina
5)Mimi Horiguchi
6)Kawehi Whitford


Alana Blanchard off the bottom at Backdoor


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ASP Women's WQS ratings after the Women's Pipeline Pro

1 Gilmore,Stephanie AUS 2000
2 Bartels,Melanie HAW 1720
3 Brooke,Serena AUS 1460
3 Redman-Carr,Melanie AUS 1460
5 Bevilacqua,Claire AUS 1220
5 Mulanovich,Sofia PER 1220
5 Miley-Dyer,Jessi AUS 1220
5 Hedges,Chelsea AUS 1220
9 Mason,Airini NZL 1000
9 Donohoe,Amee AUS 1000
9 Langen,Kyla USA 1000
9 Schmitz,Bruna BRA 1000
13 Robb,Nikita ZAF 900
13 Atherton,Nicola AUS 900
13 McGrath,Laurina AUS 900
13 Sarran,Caroline FRA 900
13 Ashley,Anastasia USA 900
13 Baldwin,Lindsey USA 900
19 Menczer,Pauline AUS 780
19 Beardmore,Sarah AUS 780
19 Shields,Sheridan AUS 780
19 Abubo,Megan HAW 780
19 Woods,Rebecca AUS 780
19 Naraisa,Suelen BRA 780
25 Hamilton,Bethany HAW 723
26 Guy,Stacey ZAF 700
26 Smith,Tammy Lee ZAF 700
26 Grimwood,Jessica AUS 700
26 Fitzgibbons,Sally AUS 700
26 Wooldridge,Kim AUS 700
26 Arnaud,Alize FRA 700
26 Santos,Fracsisca PRT 700
26 Gryde,Leilani HAW 700
26 Hodge,Rosanne ZAF 700
26 Mayaguchi,Kaori JPN 700
26 Quam,Jenny USA 700
26 Hosseini,Erica USA 700
38 Hareb,Paige NZL 610
38 Houden,Paige AUS 610
38 Davis,Mischa NZL 610
38 Smith,Carly AUS 610
38 Stewart,Amy AUS 610
38 Wheatley,Jaimee AUS 610
38 Noyes,Lyndsay AUS 610
38 Caton,Charlotte FRA 610
38 Sanchez,Amandine FRA 610
38 Arias,Connie USA 610
38 Goncalves,Claudia BRA 610
49 Penfold,Dara AUS 420
49 Vail,Crystal AUS 420
49 Allen,Emma AUS 420
49 Nicholl,Brittani AUS 420
49 Oakley,Rebecca AUS 420
49 Werneck,Marina BRA 420
55 Hickson,Jessica AUS

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