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Alejo Muniz talks with ASP about time on The Rock

Alejo Muniz : photo ASP

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Argentinean-born Brazilian Alejo Muniz all about Hawaii right now

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 November, 2010 : - - Haleiwa -- The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) PRIME Reef Hawaiian Pro has kicked off the first Jewel of the Vans Triple Crown and now that the ASP Dream Tour has narrowed its field down from 45 to 32, the three-event series is that much more crucial for surfers trying to rise to the elite.

One young competitor who has battled to the top is Argentinean-born Brazilian Alejo Muniz (BRA), 20, and the 2009 Vans Triple Crown Rookie of the Year moved one step closer to securing a spot on the 2011 ASP Dream Tour by advancing out of his opening heat in today’s event.

Muniz, who is currently ranked No. 31 on the ASP World Rankings, is out to stamp a strong finish to his 2010 campaign with a keeper result at the Reef Hawaiian Pro to solidify his position alongside the world’s best surfers for next year.

“I was kind of nervous because yesterday the waves were so good and today was kind of small and slow,” Muniz said. “I was nervous because I need a good result. I really want to do well here at the Triple Crown because these are three of the best events of the year. Now it’s one less heat so I’m pretty stoked.”

Aside from the Reef Hawaiian Pro’s ASP PRIME status, the driven natural-footer admitted that a result at the event is that much more special with so many of the world’s best surfers and the local Hawaiian field battling for the Vans Triple Crown title.

“It’s been a great year,” Muniz said. “I’ve had a couple of good results and I’m especially psyched for this contest. It’s very important to me. I have two bad results and this is a PRIME event with a perfect wave and everyone is watching so this is a really prestigious event. I know it will be hard work because everyone in this event rips every wave that they catch. I’m just going to try and have fun and learn from those guys.”

Muniz is also no stranger to the power of the often infamous Hawaiian surf. The Brazilian has nearly a decade of North Shore winters under his belt and feels settled at each of the three jewels of the Vans Triple Crown.

“I’ve been coming to Hawaii for seven years now and I’ve spent about two months here each time,” Muniz said. “I think I know the waves. It’s just important to have a good board here and have fun because the waves are amazing and big. I think you have to enjoy it.”

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