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Alex Gray wins a Benz in the Mada-DC Benzo Classic

Alex Gray Wins A Benz In The Mada-DC Benzo Classic

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 June 2004: - -
The Mada-DC Benzo Classic series which started Feb 28-29 in El Porto on to April 20-21 in San Diego and April 10-11 in Santa Cruz then finally on June 5-6 in Huntington Beach. All the events are points rated and the overall winner in the men´s division wins a Mercedes Benz. The Juniors division a motorcycle and in the boys division a low-rider bike.

For the final event we had 150 competitors show up from all over California. The ratings for the car were close led by Alex Gray, followed by the Dupont twins, Killian Garland and Jonny Craft. As for the motorcycle once again Alex Grey Lead, followed by Ricky Whitlock and the Dupont twins. As for the low-rider bike no one had a chance to beat Tyler Newton. Tyler never lost a heat in the boy´s division. The first day we held all the first round heats. Standouts were Tyler Newton who chose to surf 4 divisions making it out of every one of his heats, Alex Gray and Killian Garland who was busting air reverses on the inside sections.

On Sunday the wind mixed the 2-4 foot surf up a little bit but it was still fun, for the boys division final, Tyler Newton started off solid and got out to a early lead it really was a battle for second between Brent Riley and Josh Hromin it came down to an interference on Brent so Josh got second and Brent got third. For the junior semi´s the level of surfing was incredible Alex Gray was on a mission to win the motorcycle, but Killian Garland, Tyler Newton, and the duponts twins were also surfing on another level.

In the finals Killian Garland stepped it up and posted the highest scoring heat in the whole series his front side snap-reverse was the move of the event Alex came in second and held on to the ratings for the motorcycle. Tyler Newton came in third making back to back finals and still not done. The men´s semi´s also showed amazing surfing Jonny Craft, David Dupont, Chase Newsome and once again Alex Gray. The final was close between Alex and Chase but Chase connected more waves all the way through the inside and would finish off with a solid turn. Alex would hold on in points and now owns a Mercedes and a motorcycle. In the pro-am division Killian Garland just kept getting stronger, out surfing Alex Gray ,Chase Newsom and young Tyler Newton who ended up surfing fourteen heats on Sunday. Killian walked away with a cool grand.

The After party was at Inca Grill where everybody went in to shock when the Mercedes pulled up and Alex got in. Thanks to DC shoes, Von-Zipper, Dragon, Famous Wax and Jeremy Carrol without whom none of this would have happened

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