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Alt longboarder to host luxury camp in Costa Rica

Jared Mell © Real Surf Trips



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Real Surf Trips offers 'Jared Mell Experience' camp in Costa Rica

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 February, 2014 - Santa Cruz, California - Real Surf Trips. today announced the Jared Mell Experience longboard surf camp at their luxurious. “Wave House” beach home in Playa Negra, Costa Rica May 31 through June 7, 2014. This special boot camp by professional surfer Jared Mell is perfect for anyone who wants to have fun learning the finer points of longboarding or just want to tune up their longboarding skills.

The surf camp is all-inclusive and includes a 5 bedroom/4 bath luxury lodging facilities with wi-fi, large screen tv’s, pool, 3 meals per day, airport pick up and drop off and transportation to surf breaks. The Wave House is located in a warm and beautiful laid-back surf and beach community that boasts secluded beaches and consistent waves. 

One of Jared's sponsor's says of Jared: "A quintessential Californian and the rarest breed all at the same time, Mell’s approach to riding logs can be best described as modern classic—or as he calls it, Surf-a-Billy. Often seen pillaging the lineups of Newport Beach, Mell is well known for his nimble, cat-like footwork on the front of a 10′ surfboard, but don’t overlook his ability to surf just about any kind of wave craft—or couch.

One of the most gifted gliders in longboarding, Jared’s special blend of erratic, gouging turns and rampant head dips is catching everyone’s attention, even legendary log rider, Joel Tudor." Tudor has won the United States Open of longboarding eight times. Longboard icon, Alex Knost says Mell is one of his top ten longboarders. 

Bob Witty, Real Surf Trips founder said, "Tony Roberts and I are stoked to host Jared at Real Surf Trips. He such a cool guy, ultimate stylist, who loves to teach and entertain people. It's going to be a fun week."

Jared Mell said, "I am very stoked to be working with Real Surf Trips on this surf camp. The week is all about having fun and enjoying surfing plus the pura vida lifestyle, sun, beaches, waves, good times, laughs, music, dancing, local culture, and all your other fun filled Central American desires."

One unique feature of the Jared Mell Experience is that all guests will have the opportunity to have professional photos and video shot by professional surf photographer Tony (TR) Roberts. TR is a world-renowned surf photographer, who is Staff Photographer for Quiksilver Latin America, was principal photographer of the Quiksilver Crossing, a senior staff photographer at Surfing and Transworld Surf as well as contributor to TransWorld Skateboarding, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, National Geographic Explorer and others.

Underground Longboard Legend and Cool Cat Leads Playa Negra Surf Camp May 31-June 7, 2014

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