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America's first surf park closes after pool leak, flooding



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NLand Surf Park closes unexpectedly for repairs

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 November, 2016 - This year the U.S. opened its first surf park in Austin Texas. The NLand Surf Park welcomed visitors this summer and planned to run through the rest of this season when they hit a snag, or snagged the lining to their man-made lake system.

While doing repairs NLand Surf Park inadvertently flooded a nearby road. The park drained the main lagoon on its property causing water to reach the neighbours yards. The flooded road serves four nearby homes. Local residents contacted the city when they noticed their property being flooded.

“It was full of water, and I couldn’t even walk through here,” Patricia Garcia told KXAN News when pointing to her driveway. “I want them to fix the water so it wouldn’t come into my property because it’s messing up my yard.”

The city said their only responsibility is for determining whether the water poses a health hazard or not. However, they confirmed that the water came from NLand surf park and is clean.

"The liner in our reef section has been compromised more so than expected by fin and nose cuts and we need to do more extensive repairs," NLand said on their website. "Therefore, we will be closed through November and potentially beyond."

Only the second public surf park open in the world, NLand uses Wavegarden technology to generate its surf. It’s the same system used by Surf Snowdonia in the UK.

Last October Surf Snowdonia had to shut down early for the season as there was a mechanical failure with the main drive shaft of the wave generator.

NLand describes their man-made lake as a massive lagoon, spanning nine football fields and filled 100% with rainwater. When fully operational the park can cater for 120 or more surfers at any one time in the different skill-based surf zones.



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