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Amstel Surf Film Festibal hosts Castles In The Sky


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Castles In The Sky Euro premiere will be on Thursday  |  espanol abajo

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 June, 2010 : - - No, we are not talking about the english version of the popular  Alberto Cortez tune, but rather about Taylor Steele's latest film, that follows the same path he started with Sipping Jetstreams a couple years back with so much success.
The European premiere will be on Thursday at 21:00 at the Teatro Principal with Taylor himself.

Unfortunately we've got to report some bads news: we've been forced to cancel the screening of Melali due to some technical reasons. Maybe next year!

Castles in the Sky will mark the end of a very interesting first day at the Teatr Principal the will also screen two poignant documentaries: God went surfing with the devil and Rio Breaks or how surfing can really improve the lifes of those who are suffering.

group of people cleaning the beach from all the plastic debris... only to throw them back to the water shortly after?!? That's what the guys from Skeleton Sea want you to do:  to think about it. Don't miss their exhib at the Aquarium starting this Wednesday!

Patrick Trefz's exhibition was officially opened last Friday and will be open until July 4. There are real oeuvres d'art at bargain prices, trust us!
We already announced it but we believe it's worth reminding you about it: this coming Wednesday June 9 we are premiering the Oscar winning documentary The Cove at Cines Príncipe. Thre are only a few tickets left, so hurry up! 




Castles In The Sky

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 June, 2010 : - - No se trata de la versión inglesa de la canción que popularizara en su día Alberto Cortez, si no la última peli de Taylor Steele, muy en la línea de Sipping Jetstreams.

Estreno europeo Jueves a las 21:00 con presencia del mismísimo Taylor in person. Una de cal y otra de arena: nos hemos visto obligados a anular la proyección de Melali por razones técnicas. Otro año será!

Castles in the Sky será el broche de oro a un primer día en el Teatro Principal que contará con dos documentales muy de actualidad: God went surfing with the devil y Rio Breaks. Dos ejemplos de como el surf puede cambiar la vida de muchas personas y ayudarlas a superar situaciones críticas... o no?



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