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Analog team wins the 2009 TransWorld Surf Cali Rally!

Winning Analog team : photo courtesy Analog

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Analog team wins TransWorld Surf 's Cali Rally!

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 July, 2009 : - - 10 days, 5 checkpoints and a few near death experiences were what the AG crew had to go through to claim victory at 2009 TransWorld Surf Cali Rally!  With no less than 2 major checkpoints victories and the award for best Cali Rally video, there was no doubt about Analog´s success in this year’s edition.

After ten days, five brutal checkpoints, and several near-death experiences, the 2009 TransWorld SURF Cali Rally has been won by team Analog. Despite a strong challenge from last years’ champs from Billabong, the Analog crew was just too dedicated to be stopped. Led by Cali Rally MVP Josh Hoyer, Analog won two major checkpoints; the Hooters Wing Eating Challenge, the Electric Dodgeball event and even the award for best Cali Rally video.

Josh Hoyer won a machete for his MVP efforts.  Lugo won some sort of drink cooler with a USB cord attachment, that's sure to fry his lovely little computer and Jason Harris was awarded a package of Depends for his cougar attack, 66 years old! 

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