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Andrew Cotton and Alastair Mennie in the Billabong XXL



Andrew Cotton : photo Kelly Allen

Big Wave News

'Driven' Big Wave Team Update

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 February, 2008 : - - The Driven big wave surf team of Andrew cotton (Croyde, Devon) and Alastair Mennie (Portrush, Northern Ireland) have once again made it into contention in the Billabong XXL Big Wave Surfing Competition.  The competition exhibits the world’s biggest waves ridden on an annual basis. 

This is the second consecutive year that the duo have been honoured by being recognised for their constant big wave surfing endeavours off the west coast of Ireland. Andrew Cotton said “I’m stoked on surfing big waves and to have it recognised at world level is a great bonus!”.

“It’s an honour to have what we do recognised in the xxl event.  The waves we have been surfing have taken over our lives and it’s great to see that other legitimate big wave riders are recognising the potential this country and its riders have” said Circle One team rider Al.

The team released DRIVEN,  the first ever Irish big wave surf dvd at the end of 2007.  It features an in depth look at how the pair came together as a tow team, the struggles they face in cold windy Irish conditions and numerous successful big wave sessions they have had over the past four years. 


Al Mennie : photo Kelly Allen

The film also shows the team pioneering a new big wave spot a mile off the Irish coast and includes footage from the wipeout that nearly ended it all when Cotty drove the ski off a 30ft  wave at Mullaghmore Head in February 06.

Everyone has heard about the ground breaking session in Ireland on the 1st December 07 and unfortunately Andrew missed this due to a prior commitment of a photo shoot in Madiera with team Analog, which is going to be featured in next months Wavelength.

“Everyone was ringing and texting me saying that Al was in the papers and on the tv after surfing huge Mullaghmore with Duncan Scott! It was like having your missus sleep with someone else behind your back and then splash it all over the tabloids!  It was the day we had been training for four years and unfortunately I was away,  I’m just glad Duncan stepped in on that occasion to tow Al into a couple of Monsters”

'DRIVEN' Al and Cotty the documentary recently won an award at the Plymouth film festival. The film will also be premiered on the other side of the world in Torquay  Austrialia at the Surfworld Exhibition this March. In April a host of xxl nominees will be treated to the highlights of the film at the awards ceremony in California .

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