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Andrew Cotton and the labors of big-wave love

Andrew Cotton, Big Wave Surfing, Red Bull, Documentary
Andrew Cotton © Billabong XXL



Big Wave Updates

Not all big-wave surfers are paid to chase beasts

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 May, 2014 - The third installment of This and Nothing Else features Devon lifeguard, plumber, big wave surfer and Billabong XXL Award contender Andrew Cotton. This and Nothing Else is a web series of films taking a look into the lives of the unknown big wave surfers who hold down normal 9 - 5 jobs. 

Andrew Cotton is an enigma. He’s the antithesis to everything that’s deteriorating in this world. All the social media addiction, all the waning communication skills – none of that exists in Andrew’s world.

He saves lives for a career, builds homes with his bare hands for necessity and surfs the world’s biggest waves for fun. Hell, the guy would probably square up with a grizzly bear just for kicks if he were ever given the chance. 



And while that opportunity never presents itself in the new episode of This And Nothing Else, other opportunities do. Such opportunities include the aforementioned world’s biggest waves. Get to know Andrew in this mini-documentary, because we have a feeling you’ll be seeing his name around – especially if you follow the XXL circuit.

The unsponsored men and women who pay their bills like everyone else, but make sure that they are ready for when the time comes to lay it all on the line and take on some of the most deadly waves on offer.



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