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Andrew Doheny


Newport Beach's Andrew Doheny, often called "Droid" is a travelling freesurfer under the Volcom label who loves jaunts to Indo and across the globe in pursuit of clips. The dimunitive regularfooter has his hands in a lot of art, creating surfboards, paintings, music and photography


Andrew's Videos

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Must Watch: "Rotten to the Core" by Matt Wybenga
Wild 40-minute romp with Metal Neck 2 "The Bangover"

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Andrew Doheny signs on to the Gorilla team for 3 years
17 May, 2016 - TEAM: USA’s Andrew Doheny the latest to sign on the dotted line and join the Gorilla team. The deal, which runs over three years, includes...
VIDEO: Alex Knost & aliens, Droid's club antics
21 September, 2012 : - presents the new animated series Classic Tales, sharing eye-popping, mind-bending tales of fantasy, delusion and peculiar...
Vestal Watches signs Andrew Doheny to their surf team
22 June, 2009 : - - Costa Mesa, Ca -- Vestal is proud to announce the newest addition to its world-class surf team; 16 year old Andrew Doheny from Newport...


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