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Andy Irons is star in wind-up of round 2 Rip Curl Cup

Photo - Tostee ......................Surfer - Andy Irons

Sunset Beach, Oahu, HAWAII - (Friday, December 1, 2000)

The final six heats of round two of the men¹s Rip Curl Cup were held today. Kauai´s Andy Irons was the stand-out, reveling in "perfect Sunset Beach conditions".

Conditions are expected to be small with a new swell anticipated for the beginning of the week.

The Vans G-Shock Triple Crown of Surfing is made possible through the proud support of major sponsors Vans, Mountain Dew, G-Shock, Rip Curl, Quiksilver Roxy, Billabong, as well as PlayStation, Ford Ranger, Right Guard Xtreme Sport (Gilette), Rolling Stone, ESPN/ESPN2, Surfrider Foundation, the Hawaii Visitors Bureau, and the ASP.


Round 2: 1st, 2nd advance.(Heats 11 to 16 heats were held today)

H1: Lee Winkler (Aus), Paul Paterson (Aus), Daniel Wills (Aus), Mick Fanning (Aus)

H2: Richie Collins (USA), Conan Hayes (Haw), Aaron Fredette (Haw), Tamayo Perry (Haw)

H3: Kieran Perrow (Aus), Roy Powers (Haw), Crhistiano Spirro (Brz), Asher Nolan (USA)

H4: Liam McNamara (Haw), Yuri Sodre (Brz), Raoni Monteiro (Brz), Kahea Hart (Haw)

H5: Love Hodel (Haw), Joel Fitzgerald (Aus), Manoa Drollet (Tah), Joca Junior (Brz)

H6: Luke Hitchings (Aus), Heath Walker (Aus), Sean Moody (Haw), Matt Keenan (USA)

H7: Joel Parkinson (Aus), Andrew King (Aus), Marco Polo (Brz), David Weare (Safr)

H8: Ryan Simmons (USA), Edgar Bishoff (Brz), Shane Wehner (Aus), Damon Nicholls (Aus)

H9: Greg Emslie (Safr), Chris Davidson (Aus), Pablo Gutierrez (Spn), Cristiano Guimares (Brz)

H10: Tiago Pires (Port), Kaipo Jaquias (Haw), Tory Barron (Haw), Norimasa Ohno (Jpn)

H11: Tom Whittaker (aus), Glyndyn Ringrose (Aus), Koby Abberton (Aus), Kling Gabe (USA)

H12: Isaac Kaneshiro (Haw), Toby Martin (Aus), Arnold Dowling (Haw), Simon Nicholson (Safr)

H13: Andy Irons (Haw), Mark Bannister (Aus), Frederick Patacchia (Haw), Carlos Cabrero (Prco)

H14: Shane Beschen (USA), Maz Quinn (NZ), Gavin Sutherland (Haw), Luke Stedman (Aus)

H15: Phillip MacDonald (Aus), Troy Brooks (Aus), Danilo Costa (Brz), Jesse Merle-Jones (Haw)

H16: Spencer Hargraves (GB), Sasha Stocker (Aus), Makua Rothman (Haw), Keith Malloy (USA)

Jodi Young / Oceanpromotions - Surfersvillage.


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