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Antarctica or Bust: Kepa jumps on board

Ushuaia © Kepa Acero

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Kepa makes the journey to the Pakea Bizkaia sailboat to embark on Antarctic journey

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 January, 2013 : - - At this hour Kepa Acero will have already sailed to Antarctica. We assume that it will not be easy to upload  his videos during the trip, so probably  it will have to wait until the end of January to see it. Anyway  he has already uploaded a video about the trip to Ushuaia.

Kepa is very very motivated because it was one of his dreams to surf virgin waves in one of the most inhospitable and amazing planet sites and do it  in the sailboat PAKEA BIZKAIA, with the famous  yachtsman Unai Basurko and his entire crew and do it totally identified with their objectives of defending the sea and nature.

On the other hand we thank you for the votes that are coming for Kepa as "adventurer of the year" and that put him at this time in head. I Do not forget that you can vote every day - once a day - until January 23. If you follow extending the idea to your friends and followers so better.

Source: Pake Abizkaia

Author: Nagore Anabitarte/Cristina Martín/Eduardo Quintana

Tags: Kepa Acero, Antarctica, Sailboat

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