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Aritz Aramburu talks with Freaksurf Magazine about tour


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Interview Aritz Aramburu with Freaksurf Magazine

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 August, 2009 : - - Aritz Aramburu (euk) is one of those 7 mercenaries of the Euroforce on the Dream Tour. He is a big charger on tour and he proved it last year during the Rip Curl Pro Fidji. Aritz got an injury wild card and is back on the Dream Tour. He is 100 % fit, very hungry, and is a real threat for everyone gonna face him in heats. The Basque has just defeated the king Kelly at Teahuppo (pyf)

Freaksurf magazine : Can you present yourself, where do you come from etc..

Aritz Aramburu : Im Aritz Aranburu, 23. Coming from Zarautz Basque Country-Spain.

FSM : Where did you discover surfing ?

AA :In my home town.They used to make a WQS contest in Zarautz and inspired me alot.

FSM : Why did you choose this sport rather than another ?

AA : We have a really nice beach sticked to the town and since I was 3 or 4 I had a really big conexion with the waves

FSM : Give us a few words on the wqs

AA : Gladiators tour. 300 guys trying to get into 15 slots.

FSM :What does a rider from the qs need to jump in the dream tour ?

AA : To be really strong mentally.

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