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Arpad Leclere knows Belgium and Bali - Where does he surf?

Arpad Leclere © Damea Dorsey via St. John Visual



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Answer: Where the waves are - Indonesia!

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 June, 2017 - Sixteen-year-old Arpad Leclere spends his time between Bali and Belgium. The goofyfooted grom was fortunate enough to be spending the majority of that time in the southern hemisphere just as it kicked off one of the best swell runs in recent memory.

St John Visual crafted the below edit after collecting terabytes and terabytes of amazing footage in the early season.

"Been a crazy month in Indo for swells and I'm just starting to get caught up and put some content out," St. John told us in an email. "I edited up this quick piece on a younger grommet I've been working with."

While most Belgian surfers develope a short, choppy style honed on the erratic windswell of the North Sea, Leclere has a smooth, mature style thanks to his long stints in Indo.

"He just turned 16 and has been blowing my mind with his style and composure in the barrel," added St. John.





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