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Artful edit in new trilogy “Second Souffle” to debut in Bordeaux



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tombottom will show and score the second instalment in his film trilogy at a special gathering in Bordeaux

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 September, 2016 - Film maker and musician tombottom has launched his latest clip in a three-part series that follows Edouard Delpero, Vincent Duvignac, Adrien Valero and Heremoana Luciani through Morocco with locals Youssef Selim and Barkat Drouich. Between crisp, beach and pointbreak sessions the film explores how they all try to weave their life around a common passion, surfing.

During a lull in between competitions and sponsor obligations Delpero and Duvignac followed tombottom through this Moroccan escape as the two sought to reenergise their careers as competitive surfers.

Locals Youssef Selim and Barkat Drouich are trying to build a life around surfing in their home country which often proves difficult. Although sports tourism and world class spots contribute to Morocco’s economic development, the country lacks solid infrastructure.

Adrien Valero and Heremoana Luciani also participate in this latest episode and will feature prominently in the upcoming third and final installment in construction. As with his other film projects tom bottom shot, edited and scored this latest clip.


On October 1 in Bordeaux a special party and event will be held to celebrate this second instalment in the series.

"Second Breath" was made by tombottom In Association With Surf Travel Morocco and will feature a DJ set by Vic Sauvage, Steph Squirted and Groovy Eddie.

Entry is 5 € at Darwin, 87, quai des Queyries 33100 Bordeaux 

Special thanks to partners XTreme Video and SurfersVillage

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