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ASP Europe talks with Germany's Nic Von Rupp

Nic von Rupp © ASP / Smorigo


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Emerging from Portugal, Germany's Nic Von Rupp will be one to watch this year

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 February, 2012 : - - We just caught up with Nic Von Rupp (DEU) 21, after his promising result at the ASP Prime Hang Loose Pro in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil: finishing equal 9th after losing to fellow European Joan Duru (FRA) in the Round of 16 in pumping surf.

First Prime event of the 2012 ASP calendar, the Hang Loose Pro gathered some of the most talented surfers in the World on the beautiful beachbreaks of Fernando de Noronha for a week of surfing in powerful 5-6Ft waves. In an all-Brazilian final Miguel Pupo, who is a full-time resident on the World Tour this year took out the event victory, but we were most impressed with the quality of surfing displayed by our European ambassadors in Brazil.

Emerging from Portugal with German genes, Nic Von Rupp will be one to watch in 2012 as he climbs the ladder on the international stage and becomes yet another European threat. Here is what he had to say !
"Hi Nic !
- Hey, whats up?
You surf under the German flag (in competition–DEU) but reside in Portugal, what’s your story, where do you come from ?
- I was raised on a beach 45min away from Lisbon, Portugal. My Dad is German , so I had a German education at home as well as at school. With the influence of my Dad and the Lipke family, I decided surfing under the German flag was the right thing. We are Europeans, if French, Portuguese, Spanish or Germans we ride under the Euro Flag.
At 21 we just start hearing about you in competition, where have you been hiding ?
- I had a good junior career, I got 5th at the World Juniors and 2nd in the European Pro junior rankings back in 2008, after those results my priorities changed to finishing school and improving my surfing skills as much as possible.
The Star Tour is a massacre, a lot of great surfers, a lot of difficult conditions and you have to be mentally prepared to enter the battle of losing ,until you breakthrough. So I’ve been doing some Star events, specially the European ones to gain experience and travelling, chasing perfect swells around Europe.
You have started 2012 with a bang : a 9th place result at the Prime event in Brazil, how was the event ?
- Noronha was great, I love that place, beautiful little island with crystal clear barrels. The waves were 6ft perfect everyday of the Event, the conditions suited me perfectly, I felt comfortable and confident in the heats. That was until Joan Duru schooled me on how to get barreled in my last heat... total humilation! haha
What are your objectives for 2012 in terms of results ?
- The prime in Noronha was my breakthrough event, the result that makes me want to commit to all the rest of prime events. My goal for this year is to finish easily in the top 100 so I have access to all the primes in 2013.
You are in the Nike Team now, what exactly does that give to you in terms of support and how do you feel it has helped your progression ?
- Nike has been great to me, ive been with them for 4 years now and they believed in my potential since day 1, they give me all types of support so I can achieve my goals and dreams. A big support is Phillipe Malvaux, he’s our Team Manager and is involved in following us on the Tour and giving us coaching advices.
You’ve been taken places for photoshoots and videos I suppose, isn’t it tempting to focus on the freesurfing part of your job instead of competition ?
- Freesurfing is very tempting, specially when there’s so many good waves around Europe and Nike supports me on chasing them. But I love  competing and after the 9th in Noronha it might be the right time to put freesurfing aside and focus on contests.
Where are you right now, and where do you go next ?
- I’m at home preparing to go to Australia.
Thank’s a lot for your time, and good luck for all future events !
- Thank’s."

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Source: ASP Europe

Author: Rob Gunning

Tags: ASP Europe, Nic Von Rupp, Germany, Portugal

Team: Surfersvillage


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