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ASP eyes Euro flights, Protest Vendee Pro call coming

Alizee Arnaud, La Sauzaie : photo Aquashot/

ASP Europe Updates

ASP Official Event Info / Protest Vendee Pro

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 April, 2010 : - -  With information saying there is a chance airports re-open from tonight onwards, ASP and event officials will meet and make a decision about the ASP 4-Star Protest Vendee Pro tomorrow Tuesday.

All airports in Great Britain and France are still closed today as authorities assess the situation and results of test flights that were ran the last couple of days. At this stage, the event is still confirmed and all athletes travelling to France shall inform the ASP of their attendance or not according to their flights' situation. Contact details are below.

More info will follow on daily basis. For athletes needing informations and assistance, please contact:
ASP Europe Tour Manager Robert Gunning, +33 625 833 454
ASP Europe Regional Manager Greg Puget, +33 615 439 732

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