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ASP Newsletter: Chelsea charges, Bede, Moore is more


Chelsea and husband Jason Hedges : photo ASP/Covered Images

ASP News

ASP Newsletter: Chelsea charges, Snake bites, Moore is more....

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 March, 2007 : - -  Wondering who that ‘Hedges’ girl who sprung out of nowhere to win the Roxy Pro Gold Coast was? Try Chelsea Georgeson being heralded by her married name – Hedges. Chels married Jason a year ago, but the name-swap is an ’07 adoption, “I didn’t change it last year because I was the defending world champion and it would have been kind of confusing,” Chels said. Makes sense, but this much is clear, if Chelsea keeps surfing her Hedges Designer Shapes boards (her hubby is her shaper) the way she did at Snapper, we may see a Mrs. Chelsea Hedges engraved into the 2007 ASP Women’s World Tour trophy.

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They navigate lineups like Snapper and Pipeline like it’s second nature, but Jake Paterson (recently retired), Tom Whitaker (current campaigner) and Luke Munro (tour rookie) found themselves up a creek without a paddle last week – or more aptly out at sea without a motor…  Jake was chilling in the ASP office the morning after Mick Fanning’s Snapper celebration, but spent the afternoon bobbing around the Pacific after the boys’ fishing expedition went awry. Rumor has it, that the boat went kaput, the boys were radioless and that they were found five miles out the sea. The hero? Joel Parkison who alerted the Coast Guard after getting a text off the guys that they were stranded.


As if adjusting to life on the Foster’s ASP World Tour weren’t enough, Josh Kerr and his wife Nicole have added a newborn baby to the equation. Their daughter Sierra was born mere days before the Quiksilver Pro kicked off, but that didn’t stop Kerrsy from blowing up and finishing equal 5th in his first event on tour!  Also boasting relatively brand-new babies are Mick and Amanda Lowe (Samuel Phillip), Troy and Leanne Brooks (Bodie) and Mark and Mae Occhilupo (Jonah). Greg and Chante Emslie and Joel and Monica Parkinson have bundles of joy on the way too… it’s still the Dream Tour, we’re just not sure who’s sleeping. 

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Fourteen-year-olds are generally found in front of Playstations or at Girl Scout meetings, not in ASP World Tour events giving the world’s best a run for their money! Carissa Moore must have missed the memo. Winning the Roxy Pro Gold Coast Trials to make her ASP Women’s World Tour debut at 14, Carissa eliminated surfers twice her age – and the reigning seven-time World Champ Layne Beachley. Ms. Moore made it all the way to the Final to become the youngest finalist in ASP elite-tour history! She may have lost to Chelsea Hedges, but she won the respect of surf fans the world over!


Bede Durbidge may have finished 2nd to Mick Fanning at the Quiky Pro, but to his fiancée Taryn and a bunch of beat-up marsupials at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo animal hospital, he’s No. 1! Durbo, Taryn, former Foster’s 45 Toby Martin and ASP Women’s World Tour rookie Rosanne Hodge took some time out of their hectic schedules to cuddle some koalas and support a stellar cause. “We see sea turtles like the ones the Wildlife Warriors are trying to nurse back to health in Hawaii all the time,” Bede said. “It really hits home to see them injured and out of their habitats – lucky for them the Wildlife Warriors are there to help.”

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