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Aussie junior Kirra-Belle Olsson bitten by shark

Kirra Belle Olsen © Ethan Smith/SNSW



Shark Updates

Victim feeling well enough to share story via social media

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 October, 2014 - Teenage surfer Kirra-belle Olsson has described the moment she was bitten by a shark after catching her first wave of the day on the NSW central coast. "So this morning I was surfing and I got my first wave and as I got back on my board a shark came up and bit my foot 3 times and tried to pull me under," the 13-year-old posted on her Instagram account. 

"I just thought it was someone grabbing my foot trying to scar [sic] me but it wasn't. I paddled in screaming cause I didn't know what to do."

Police have been told Kirra-belle was surfing at Avoca Beach about 6.30am on Friday when the one-metre shark bit her on the left ankle. The 13-year-old from Copacabana made her way back to shore and was treated by people on the beach before being driven to Gosford Hopsital.

"I called dad telling him 'it's ok I'm fine' and he said 'ok well my heart is racing' he finally got to the beach and rushed me to hospital," she said. 

Pictures posted on her Facebook page show deep gashes in her left foot and calf. She said she was having surgery later on Friday. A Gosford Council spokesman said both Avoca and North Avoca beaches had been closed.

"Lifeguard staff have and will continue throughout the day to monitor the site on jet-skis. Appropriate signage is in place and regular PA announcements will be made," the spokesman said.



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