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Aussie shark deterrent to debut at Surf Expo in January



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Shark Eyes claims to be the world’s most affordable visual shark deterrent

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 December, 2017 - All eyes will be on the Australian manufacturer of the world’s most affordable and marine friendly visual shark deterrent when Shark Eyes makes its U.S. debut at Surf Expo, the largest and longest-running board sports and beach/resort lifestyle tradeshow in the world, on January 25-27, 2018 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.
From professionals to everyday fans seeking sweet surf and reefs, Shark Eyes is for all water users who want to minimize their risk of a shark attack. Developed, and endorsed by watermen and professionals who routinely encounter sharks in the wild, the Shark Eyes decal aims to fools the shark into thinking it’s been spotted, removing the element of surprise and deterring an attack.
Shark Eyes is the brainchild of Shanan Worrall, Shark Eyes founder and director, who has spent his life working and playing in Australia’s most shark-infested waters. As an abalone and shell diver, spear fisherman and 2017 World Surf League “Tube Ride of the Year” winner, Worrall’s wild interactions with sharks have been plentiful and he has been involved in a number of shark attacks. He combined his lifetime of experience with that of other “hands on” experts to innovate Shark Eyes from the grass roots.

“As experienced watermen from Australia, living and breathing the ocean, we’ve had countless first-hand encounters with sharks in their natural environment and have had to use all available means to defend ourselves from attack,” explained Worrall. “After losing a great friend to a shark attack, and then watching a fellow abalone diver just scrape through an attack, we were motivated to pass on the knowledge we have accrued and offer Shark Eyes to the public.”

Fish and other wildlife commonly use large false eyes (mimicry) to deter predators. Humans have used this life-saving concept on land for generations. Like most apex predators, sharks rely on the element of surprise when hunting. Through line of sight, Shark Eyes aims to fool the shark into thinking it’s been spotted, thereby removing the element of surprise. The goal of Shark Eyes is to change a shark’s behavior so it is more likely to move on to an easier target.
The Shark Eyes decal applies easily to water sports equipment, needs no recharging, doesn’t alter performance, and respects the environment.  
“We just had to get Shark Eyes out there; it’s the deterrent we use at work, and the product experienced watermen know is effective,” continued Worrall. We launched Shark Eyes in Australia earlier this year and have been just amazed by the positive response from professional watermen, everyday consumers and government branches, alike,” he added. “Clearly, there was a need in the marketplace for an affordable visual shark deterrent. With so much momentum, we’re super stoked to have teamed up with some great people and to hit the ground running in the U.S. Participating in the 2018 Surf Expo is the perfect opportunity for us to meet buyers in the watersports, beach and resort industries, share our story, and help keep our U.S. ocean lovers safer!”

Shark Eyes will be at Booth 1012 at Surf Expo.


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