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Australian Indigenous Surfing Titles open up at Bells

Opening ceremony © Robertson / Surfing Australia


Australian Indigenous Surfing Titles

Surfing Australia
Bells Beach, Victoria Australia
27 May - 1 June 2012

Traditional smoke cleansing ceremony opens Australian Indigenous Surfing Titles

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 May, 2012 : - - Torquay -- The Australian Indigenous Surfing Titles officially opened today at Bells Beach with a culturally moving smoke cleansing ceremony which included Aboriginal Dancing. Competitors assembled at Bells, recognizing the traditional Aboriginals of this area and highlighting that Bells was an area where tribes lived and it was ideal with excellent fishing, vegetation and an abundance of Kangaroos and wild life, key to their lives.

Special mention was also made of the Indigenous involvement in the World Championship Tour event each Easter at Bells where winners are face painted at presentation and we were reminded of Kelly Slater's 2010 win here where he donated his winning Bell to the Indigenous Community.

The field of surfers here is sensational and the waves they’ll score this week at Bells could be just as sensational as a solid 2m swell built through today and with offshore winds now set to move in over the coming days this event is set to score.

While the entire field is complete with classy surfers, the high profile surfers here include former Pipeline Masters Champion Robbie Page, Current number 4 on the Australasian Pro Junior Circuit Soli Bailey, former outstanding Pro Junior and high achiever at the Quiksilver Pro in 2008 Dale Richards with special mention to Joe Haddon, Ottis Carey and Russell Malony!

Robbie Page summed up the general feeling by saying -" What a great week to be here at Bells Beach and to see good swells building through the afternoon - we're all looking forward to the coming days of friendship and competition." This will be an awesome event set to begin on Monday in solid waves at Bells.

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Source: Surfing Australia

Author: Steve Robertson

Tags: Indigenous Surfers, Victoria, Bells Beach, Surfing Australia

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