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Australia's Christian surfers get new book


Surf Culture

'Groundswell' collects reflections of Christian Surfers founder Brett Davis

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 October, 2012 : - - A book covering the history of a major international surfing movement, which had its roots in the southern beachside suburb of Cronulla, will be launched in Sydney on Friday, 19 October. Groundswell – the Christian Surfers story gives a colourful and incisive insight into the world of surf and faith including a surf chaplaincy story surrounding the death of former world champion surfer Andy Irons in 2010.

At that time, surfing chaplain Abe Andrews from the Association of Profession Surfing (ASP) stepped into the gap. Brett Davis records in the book Groundswell, “Everyone was upset and in shock. There was an air of disbelief. Abe drove around to various places, delivering food and making sure everyone was okay... At breakfast, Abe sat with more surfers and ASP staff. There was crying, talking, laughing and periods of silence.”

Groundswell is the personal reflections of Brett Davis, founder of Christian Surfers, who went on to lead a growing movement that now has over 500 groups in 35 nations and over 1500 volunteer leaders. In the late 1970’s a handful of teenage surfers decided to launch “Christian Surfers” in a working class fibro cottage in southern Sydney, to explore how faith and surfing mixed.

“I was just 18 years old and brand new to this ‘Jesus’ bloke and all we knew was that we appreciated a new direction in life, we had concern for our surfing mates and wanted to make a difference,” Brett said. “This is the story of ordinary surfers trusting God to do the extra ordinary....There are endless surfer accounts of faith, mishaps and fun times... Given the unimpeachable work of CS with surf chaplaincy, I find it unsurprising to see the respect that it enjoys at all levels of our sport. This book opens up the story behind this reputation.”

Source: Christian Today

Author: Christian Surfers Int'l

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