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Bailey Nagy has signed on with the Shred Optics team



Team Updates

Nagy won last year's US Open Pro junior event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 March, 2016 - Huntington Beach - Shred Optics announces the addition of Bailey Nagy to the surf team, joining Huntington Beach local Brett Simpson as Shred continues to expand into the surf, lifestyle, and sunglasses market.

Nagy has a record of success winning the US Open Pro Junior event and an equal 5th place at the ASP World Junior Championships. Bailey brings youth, potential, passion, and female influence to Shred in our marketing and product manufacturing as we continue to look toward a future of the perfect combination of style and performance for all consumers.

Nagy reflected, “Joining the Shred family is really exciting to me. I really love the sunglasses and the level of enthusiasm everyone there has for surfing. Having a longtime friend, Simpo, on the team and someone I surf a lot with is really welcoming. I am looking forward to the upcoming year, and am especially excited to begin working with everyone at Shred to shape and influence the direction of products built for women!”

“Adding someone like Bailey to the family is incredibly special for us as we continue to move into surfing,” said CMO/CFO, Federico Merle. “Bailey lives, breathes, and eats surfing splitting her time between Hawaii and Southern California when she isn’t hopping around the globe. Her potential as a surfer is undeniable, and we’re excited about her future as an athlete. Her influence on our brands as we look to further the diversity of our sunglasses line is another invaluable part of our partnership. Shred is really about the perfect combination of style and performance, and that’s what Bailey embodies.”

“Bailey is such an exciting young athlete and is a really valuable addition to the team, as she brings so much passion to her craft,” said Co-founder and Lead Product Engineer, Carlo Salmini. “All of us share so much enthusiasm for our own passions within Shred, so she complements the family extremely well. We work very hard to produce products of the highest quality that will provide our athletes and consumers with the combination of the best technology and style. We take a lot of influence and direction from our athletes as they work with our engineers, and we look forward to doing the same with Bailey as we look to broaden our horizons.”

Bailey Nagy, Shred Optics, Brett Simpson, Huntington Beach, Team, Federico Merle
Federico Merle

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