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Bali's Kayu Vianna gets Aussie-inspired pro training

Video review for Kayu Vianna © Tim Hain



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Kayu Vianna Spends Weekend at High Performance Surf Training Camp

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 December, 2013 - Kuta-Bali - Quiksilver’s newest team rider, 16-year-old Kayu Vianna from Canggu, spent his weekend up at Balian on Bali’s north west coast taking part in a high performance surf training camp offered by The Art of Surfing-Bali, hoping to pick up some pointers on how to get one up on the growing pack of highly competitive Indonesian grommets.

The intensive three day camp saw Kayu joining a small group of six other surfers from different countries (Australia, Russia, Finland, the Philippines) and differing level’s of ability to go through specific and targeted surf training regimes such as Surf Yoga, Video Analysis, Surf Specific Fitness Training, and also Surf Safety Rescue Techniques and Basic CPR Courses. Kayu was by far the youngest of the group, but arguably the best surfer in the group.

But what he found out was that there is a lot more to being a pro surfer than just the technical side of how to make better turns and other maneuvers.  Getting the body into tip-top condition through Yoga and Surf Specific Training as well as eating the right food is critical, but it’s no walk-in-the-park.

Learning how and when to rescue drowning swimmers and injured surfers as well as how to administer CPR is also part of being a good surfer, as well as learning how to be a team player by participating in a Tag Team competition.

There was a very tired but happy Kayu sitting on the beach at Balian on Sunday afternoon, so Tim Hain from the Asian Surfing Championships took a minute to ask him a few questions about his weekend:

TH:  So Kayu, what was your motivation in joining this camp?

KV:  What motivated me was fact that Indonesian surfing has taken such a higher level now, a big step up, so I felt like I needed to step up my game to stay hot and get good results.

TH:  How did you hear about the camp?

KV:  I’ve already been doing some training with Matt at Canggu, and the other groms my age like Rio and Reef did it a couple of weeks, so I really had to do it too.

TH:  Now that its over, how did it compare with your expectations?

KV:  It was a lot more technical than I thought it would be. There is a lot of training involved and a lot of fitness with your core muscles, so it was harder than I thought!

TH:  How do you think this camp will this help you in your goal to be a top surfer here in Indonesia?

KV:  I think this will help me a lot, especially with the finer points and tiny details that make such a big difference in performance.  I expect that I’ll do much better in comps and get much better results now, plus get better video footage in my free surfing.

TH:  What was the hardest part of it?

KV:  The hardest part was waking up early this morning after having a day with three sessions yesterday, and then going straight into a heavy fitness training.  It did point out to me something I need to work on more for sure!

TH:  Would you recommend this program to the rest of the Quiksilver surf team?

KV:  For sure.  I’d recommend this for anyone who is willing to step up their game in surfing…because it takes the tiny aspects you don’t think about and they get pointed out to you, so you can know what you need to do to improve.


Next I asked the Art of Surfing-Bali crew to give me their opinion on Kayu and his abilities.  Here is what they had to say:

The Art Of Surfing - Bali Ambassador Tai Graham:  “It was awesome having Kayu join the program, as he’s one of best of the up and coming groms here in Bali.  He’s got a good foundation and network there at Canggu where he lives, but to have him here and see the little things that he can work on, that he may not have had any formal feedback from the technical, fitness, and mental point of view, putting together all those aspects that go in to what’s needed to be a pro surfer, is just what he needs.  And he performed outstandingly…he’s got a good attitude, he’s a great young surfer, and he’s got a huge future ahead of him.”

High Performance Coach Matt Scorringe added:  “To have Kayu in the camp was really great.  We ran the youth camp a few weeks ago and there was a whole bunch of kids in it, but because Kayu’s level of ability was above a lot of them we wanted to put him in an environment where we could focus on him more one-on-one.   His potential and his skills in my opinion, based on my experience as a coach working with previous kids in NZ and Aus and the girl that recently won the ASP World Pro Junior title, he’s right in the mix.  More coaching on the physical, technical, and mental side is the next step for him, and yes, he has the potential to go all the way. Hopefully we’ve had a helping hand in him gaining the knowledge to take himself up to an international level some day.”

Tim Hain

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