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Bamboozz glasses boost online presence



Industry Updates 

Eco friendly eyewear company looking to clear inventory 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 August, 2014 - Bamboozz now offers bamboo glasses for online sale. The eco friendly sun glasses company has specialized in the production and sale of fashionable sun glasses. 

Bamboozz line of glasses which was introduced to the market in 2013 has gained popularity over the months. With a team of contemporary designers who have a focus in environmental conservation, Bamboozz has come to amass amazing looking sun glasses of different designs.

The sun glasses are superior products of high quality while offering effective eye-care services against excess brightness.  At a time when environmental conservation has proved to be a matter of urgency, Bamboozz is taking a leading role in advocating for the use of environmental friendly materials. The use of wooden frames that are light in weight and stylish in design offers a suitable alternative to all who need glasses.

Bamboozz has taken a unique approach in making these glasses which has been an instrumental key tool in making the products loved by all buyers. This will also enable the store clear the present stock which has great glass designs while paving way for the coming of new sun glass designs. This offers buyers an opportunity to buy a pair that they may have loved but postponed buying before it is out of stock.

Bamboozz online store has played a major role in orienting all customers to the wide range of products available.  Purchase can be made online and payment completed through online payment options. The product or products ordered are then shipped to the buyer’s country. 

Guy Dinay

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