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Barboados' Lewis St John wins CSN Pro in Jamaica..


Barbados Surfing Association


Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 September, 2009 : - - This summer kicked off with the Caribbean Surf Network (CSN) and the Jamaica Surfing Association hosting their annual contest for 2009 in Jamaica on July 4th and 5th. Congratulations to Barbadians Lewis St. John and Chelsea Tuach along with local boy Shane Simmonds who shared the championship honors at the 2009 SUZUKI MAKKA PRO surf contest. The Event was held at the 'Makka' beach in Southaven, Yallahs, St Thomas in good conditions with waves raging from 4’-5’. This competition featured top Caribbean amateur/professional surfers, (including 16 men, 5 women, and 12 junior surfers) along with thousands of spectators to the south coast’s premiere surf contest venue. The event, now in its third year, has taken on the title of 'Biggest Surfing Contest in the English Speaking Caribbean' and attracted a diverse demographic of spectators from babes in arms to great grandmothers, and from all sectors of the society. There was much excitement as Jamaica’s top surfers matched up against the best from Barbados.
The Open Men’s division was conducted in the double elimination format with 20-minute heats, and narrowed the field down to the top 4 entrants for the 25-minute final. There was much excitement as Jamaica’s Shane Simmonds and Inilek Wilmot matched up against Lewis St John and Jordan Heaselgrave from Barbados. The surf was consistent and the surfers shared 27 waves between them. The surfers executed radical, vertical, top-to-bottom maneuvers to impress the judges and delight the crowd on hand. The exchanges were fast and furious. Lewis made good use of the seven waves he caught, and had the highest scoring ride with an 8.75. He backed it up with a 6.15 for a 14.9 total and the win. Shane Simmonds grabbed 10 waves and delivered a 7.0 and a 7.25 for a 14.25 total to hold on to second. Jordan rode 6 waves and caught a nice one earning a 7.0 from the judges, but could only find a 5.05 to back it up and had to be satisfied with a 12.05 total and third place. Inilek Wilmot, who surfed strongly throughout the entire two days, had trouble finding the better waves in the final and was only able to score a 6.1 backed up by a 5.5 for a 11.6 total which was only good enough for fourth.

The Junior Pro final between Jamaican duo of Shane Simmonds and Eneson Lightbourn,  and the Barbadian pair of  Jordan Heaselgrave and Stefan Corbin was another thriller. The boys shared 30 waves in the 25-minute final. It was very close with the lead swapping hands numerous times. Eventually, Shane showed his dominance posting a 7.25 and a 6.5 for a 13.75 total and the top spot. Jordan surfed strongly and held on to second with a 6.35 and a 6.0 for a 12.35 total. Stefan caught 11 waves, but couldn’t get the right ones and could only find a 6.0 and a 5.65 for an 11.65 total and third. Eneson surfed well and posted his best finish at the Makka Pro with a 4.75 and a 4.35 for a 9.1 total and fourth place.
The Ladies final was also an entertaining affair. Chelsea Tuach and Ametza Nicholls from Barbados faced off with Jamaicans Imani Wilmot, Jessica Williams, and Elim Beckford. The Bajans showed their dominance in the Ladies Division with strong surfing. Young Chelsea bided her time, and with good wave selection blazed to the front with a 6.16 and a 6.0 for an unassailable 12.16 total to claim the top spot. Ametza also surfed strongly, but did not get the second wave she needed to get within striking distance of Chelsea, and with a 6.33 under her belt could only find a 4.66 to back it up for an 10.99 total to earn second place. The main challenge from Jamaica was provided by Imani, who posted a 4.16 and a 4.06 for an 8.22 total to take third place. Jessica, in her first pro event, did well to score a 4.23 but couldn’t get a second wave better than a 1.86 for a 6.9 total and placed fourth.

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