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Bears, buffalo & guns: Kepa shoots video in Alaska



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Kepa Acero makes his first foray into Alaska

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 August, 2011 : - - During the year 2011, Kepa Acero will venture on a never before experienced journey: the search and exporation of new surfbreaks around the last frontiers of the world, ALASKA and PATAGONIA. "THE FINAL FRONTIER" is a new project where Kepa will try to surf the two poles, passing through PERU.

Supported by the project 2010 "5 WAVES 5 CONTINENTS," Kepa will try again this new solo experience discovering new waves in extreme situations in the original context of surfing-adventure, and in intimate contact with the human, social and geographical environment.

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Kepa Acero

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