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Benelux Surfing Association final: Protest Surf King 2005

Benelux Surfing Association Final

Final event
Blankeberge, Belgium
Date: 5 and 6 or 12 and 13 November.

Inscriptions: use this link.

Upcoming Benelux Surfing Association final.

After a great year we are still waiting for the final contest.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 October, 2005 : - - The Benelux Surfing Association organised some great events for the second year. Our tour is almost done, but we are not ready jet. In two a tree weeks the final will be kicked in Blankeberge, Belgium. This event could get some big changes because the top two riders are not in option to compete.

Top qualified rider like Tommy Spaans, Kees Vrolijk, Bob v/d Hoogeband and Roy van Eijk will fight for a the title Benelux champion 2005. The organisation is waiting for the best conditions and that’s why it will be possible in to weekends. All the riders that made a subscription will be informed at the Thursday before the event. This will confirmed by e-mail.

International riders need to contact us at

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Benelux Surfing Association.

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