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Best of the Worst! The Porcella brothers’ biggest beatings




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Know your Porcella: Big wave brothers show their appetite for destruction

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 February, 2017 - Thankfully brothers Francisco and Niccolo Porcella are still around. The duo has hit internet fame with some of surfing’s most horrific wipeouts. And they have survived.

There’s Niccolo’s Wipeout of the Year award for getting sucked over the falls at Teahupo’o (which might be the most cringe-worthy 5-seconds of digital video ever in surfing) and there’s also Francisco’s Maui and Nazaré severe-but-survived mishaps.

So what if someone edited the 'best of the worst' of the Porcella brothers? Well, Vimeo member Sandy Epstein just launched “The pain of being Porcella,” a highlight reel from surfing’s most dangerous duo.


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