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Beyond the Webcast: Check Joli's in-depth Fiji report

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Photojournalist Peter 'Joli' Wilson drops anchor at Fiji event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 June, 2014 - Bula from Fiji, Gabriel Medina won his second event of the year this morning at Cloudbreak claiming the 2014 Fiji Pro from the 2013 Tour Rookie Nat Young. It's been a busy few days for everyone involved in this event as the long range swell forecast was not promising so it was run over back to back days starting on Tuesday and wrapping up early today before the tide got too high.

The WCT tour is turning into a different animal this year with two wins to Medina and two to Michel Bourez who also made this mornings semi finals, losing to Nat Young. Young's travel partner Kolohe Andino who notched up a 2nd place finish in Brazil a couple of weeks ago was also a semi finalist, losing to Medina.

Gabriel Medina and media © Peter 'Joli' Wilson


Could this year be the changing of the guard, the cliche that gets thrown around every few years. Slater has dominated this event in the past and at times his surfing and knowledge of the reef and the waves still looked sublime but he lost to Bourez for the second time this year.

His results have been quarters and semi's this year but a wins eluded him. On the other hand Medina and Bourez have been up and down in form but two wins each is impressive while Young and Andino are both in the Top 10.

Michel Bourez © Peter 'Joli' Wilson


It's going to be an interesting year but for now check out this Gallery for all the surfing action and lifestyle from the Fiji Pro. I'll be loading more images including classic free surfing sessions from Cloudbreak. Also check all the action from the women's event in the Gallery named 'Fiji Women's Pro 2014'

Check out Joli's "Fiji Pro 2014" images here

Nat Young © Peter 'Joli' Wilson

Peter 'Joli' Wilson

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