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Bianca Buitendag

Victoria Bay, South Africa

The powerful goofyfoot learned to surf in the beachbreaks and pointbreaks of South Africa. Decorated with many grom and junior titles, she grabbed the world's attention in 2009 by winning every single contest she entered in South Africa. An all-around athlete, Bianca has the backing of team Roxy and all the support such a label can provide. She joined the Women's World Tour at age 19.

SPONSORS: Roxy wetsuits and clothing, Moskova underwear and Channel Islands Surfboards


Bianca's Videos

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Bianca Buitendag & Johanne Defay: Disguised in Nature
"Life begins where your comfort zone ends"
2012 Oakley World Pro Junior
Bianca Buitendag
Travis Logie © ASP / Kirstin Scholtz
9 September, 2014 - TEAM: South Africa’s Jordy Smith (Durban), Travis Logie (Durban) and Bianca Buitendag (George) are amongst the world's best surfers...
Courtney Conlogue © ASP/Rowland
8 September, 2014 - ASP WCT: The world's best surfers have arrived at Southern California’s Lower Trestles from around the globe to contest for the 2014...
Swatch Women’s Pro Trestles
2 September, 2014 - ASP WWCT: The Swatch Women’s Pro Trestles will make history as the event welcomes the world’s best females surfers to its cobblestone...
5 August, 2014 - ASP WQS: ASA Entertainment announced today that the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 6-Star Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro will take...
3 June, 2014 - BLOG: Some of the World Tour Women openly showed their emotions of nerves and anxiety while others kept their poker face, most of the time. It’s...
3 April, 2014 - ASP: The Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, Stop No. 2 on the 2014 Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour, is on standby. A lay day has been...


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