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Big surf for ESA Northeast titles

Jose Galvez © Joe McGovern

Eastern Surfing Association

Big Surf for 2012 ESA Northeast Surfing Championships Titles

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 October, 2012 : - - Sometimes, the Narragansett Town Beach can just be downright nasty. This was one of those days. A slow moving coastal storm system kicked up a big groundswell that provided plenty of strong rips and heavy closeouts. Just paddling out through the relentless overhead sets proved to be a challenge. This was the stage for the 2012 ESA Northeast Surfing Championships, held this past Saturday.

The contest was a showcase for newly chosen ESA All-Star member, Liam O’Regan of Middletown, Rhode Island. Liam pulled into the biggest tubes and launched the highest airs to whip all comers. Veteran surfer and ESA judge Dave McLaughlin spoke about O’Regan’s performance in the Open Final. “I don’t give out 10’s to anyone. Liam got a 9 from me in this heat. He did just about everything you could do to that big overhead set wave, finishing it off with a huge air that locked up the win.” That ended up being the highest point, scoring ride of the entire contest. Liam gave equally impressive performances in both the Junior Men and Junior Long board events, as he tallied up three wins for the best overall results of the competition.

The best long board performance of the contest went to Block Island’s Jeff Smith. He also won the award for the best wipeout of the entire event. On his second wave of the final, Smith dropped into an overhead left and got covered up, holding on and popping out the back. This ride won the heat for him. On the third wave, he trimmed out on a right-hander that was hopeless. As he got deeper into the pit, the bottom sucked dry and he was driven to the bottom in dramatic fashion. For this feat, he was awarded the “Best Wipeout of the Contest” trophy.

Credits should be awarded for diminutive Matias Galvez, who ripped up the inside shore break to top the Menehune Final, and for Maria Barend, for fearlessly riding almost into the seawall during the super high tide, as she won the Girls title. Some of the biggest sets came through during the Senior Men’s Final, and Jose Galvez managed to snake his way through the strong current and set up for one killer left. The barrel it provided, was all he needed to top Kai Holtbakk for the win.

One of the closest heats of the contest was the Open Bodyboard Final, held at the highest of tides and the thickest and most powerful sets of the day. Chance Hurley nailed two hollow right-handed barrels to take the early lead. It was Dave McLaughlin’s lined up, overhead monster peak that held up for a big air, that launched him into the winner’s circle.

“If it is a challenge that you wanted,” said ESA Competition Director Mario Frade, “this was the day to find it. There was no easy way out. Even the seawall was hard to paddle out next to. If you didn’t pick the right wave, you were driven to the bottom and dragged down the beach.”

The final ESA event of the season is the Annual Holiday Surfabout, which takes place on November 17th, also at the notorious Narragansett Town Beach. The event will be on call for November 16th after 6:00 PM.  Interested surfers can call 401-575-0003 for more information.

Final Results of the 2012 Northeast Surfing Championships held in overhead body bangers at the Narragansett Town Beach on October 20, 2012. 

1. Matias Galvez 
2.Dylan Holtbakk 
3.Aiden Freidt  

1. Maria Barend   

1.Gavin Smith 
2.Sean Dungan 
3.Ryan Wilkinson  

Junior Men
1.Liam O’Regan 
2.Ryan Dean 
3.Sean McKenzie 
4.Matt Alofsin  

Senior Men
1.Jose Galvez 
2.Kai Holtbakk 
3.Mike Akers 
4.Jeff Smith  

1. Claudio Paolino  

1. Peter Pan  

Grand Legends
1. Janice Causey  

Junior Women
1.Charlotte O’Halloran  

1.Sarah Prince  

Senior Women
1.Ana Barend  

Junior Longboard
1.Liam O’Regan 
2.Matt Alofsin 
3.Gavin Smith  

Senior Longboard
1.Jeff Smith 
2.Kai Holtbakk 
3.Mike Akers 
4.Jose Galvez  

Legends Longboard
1.Peter Pan  

Women’s Longboard
1.Sarah Prince  

Men’s Open SUP
1.Peter Pan  

Women’s Open SUP
1, Mary Walton 

Open Shortboard
1.Liam O’Regan 
2.Jose Galvez 
3.Gavin Smith 
4.Sean McKenzie 
5.Ryan Dean 
6.Matt Alofsin 
7.Dylan Holtbakk 
8.Ryan Wilkinson 
9.Kai Holtbakk 
10.Sean Dungan  

Open Bodyboard
1.Dave McLaughlin 
2.Chance Hurley 
3.Peter Pan  

Menehune Bodyboard
1.Dylan Holtbakk 
2.Jayden Smith
Source: ESA

Author: Peter pan

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