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Chris Ahrens and Wade Koniakowsky discuss new work


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Ahrens and Koniakowsky drop in on California Surf Museum

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 March, 2016 - In 1972 Chris Ahrens was a surfer living on a pristine beach in Australia and wondering if he was going to eat that day, or not. It was then he wrote his first story for a surf magazine and was rewarded with fifty American dollars. Having [metaphorically speaking] learned to fish, that piece led to thirty years of countess bylines in various newspapers and magazines and every major surfing publication in the world. This was followed by three popular books on surfing.

Through years of interviewing surfers, Ahrens learned the skill necessary for his work in interviewing major celebrities for Risen Magazine. After seven years as editor in chief of Risen, Ahrens wrote and directed the award-winning documentary D.O.P.E. (Death Or Prison Eventually). That in turn led to a contract with HarperOne to co-write the memoirs of legendary skateboarder, Christian Hosoi.
Below is an excerpt from his latest work: 

There are many ways to live in Baja and at least as many ways to die. If you missbeing gunned down by bandits, cops, or drug cartels, you might get bitten by a poisonous Mexican spider, fanged by an angry Mexican rattlesnake, or devoured by an international shark. 

A sort of Devil's Triangle West, nothing behaves correctly once the border is crossed: small planes fall from a clear sky, pleasure boats are found bobbing mid ocean without a crew, and the carcasses of new SUV's form rusty roadside grave markers.

Don't drink the water. Don't swallow the worm. Don't flash your cash. Still, for everyone that finds Baja hell on earth, someone else considers it the world's last paradise. For surfers it's a great place to find lonely and perfect waves. For sinners it's a good place to become a s­aint. For saints, it's a convenient place to become a sinner.

While the unlucky can lose their wallets, their health and their sanity in twenty-four hours or less, the chosen ones part only with things not worth keeping. Baja is a bad place for some, a good place for others and the only place for a young surfer in big trouble. Baseball is a game. Football is a sport. Surfing is a disease. 

Ahrens works as a full-time writer and lives on the beach in Cardiff, California with his wife Tracy and their cat, Clara. Twilight in the City of Angels is his first novel.

Join author Chris Ahrens and artist Wade Koniakowsky for a talk and Q&A as they discuss Chris's newest book, Behold What Is Greater Than Thyself. at the California Surf Museum Wednesday, March 23 from 6 to 9 pm. 312 Pier View Way, Oceanside. Free Admission 

Wade Koniakowsky, one of the nation's leading ocean-inspired artists, began painting at the age of six and started surfing before he was 12. By blending these two passions, he has gained worldwide recognition for his oil paintings of tropical interpretations. Wade's work is currently showcased internationally as well as in 17 galleries extending from the East Coast to Hawaii.
Surfer magazine describes Wade's artistic mastery as being inspired by "dreamlike point breaks in Polynesian paradise." The artist's work has been featured in numerous publications including Graphis, Art Direction, Communication Arts, and Print.
Many of Wade's signature paintings can be seen in movies, television shows and international surf competitions such as The North Shore Vans Triple Crown. His designs currently adorn the custom surfboards that decorate Billabong stores nationwide.
With a formal background in advertising, Wade has served as Creative Director on campaigns for such Fortune 500 brands as Reebok, McDonald's, Microsoft and IBM. This 25-year commitment to the advertising industry led to more than 300 creative awards including recognition by the New York Art Director's Club and the Los Angeles Advertising Club.
Wade is owner of the Ocean Art gallery in the Solana Beach Cedros Design District.


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