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Billabong Cabo Blanco delivers all around

Javier Swane © Javier Laviera



Billabong Cabo Blanco
Presented by Sony

Cabo Blanco, Peru
15 December 2013 - 15 Februay 2014

Billabong Cabo Blanco delivers all around | espanol

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 January, 2014 - Sun, great waves and heaving barrels made for a great finish to the Billabong Cabo Blanco. Seventy two surfers made their way to the fishing village of Talara, Ppiura to sample some of Peru’s best waves.

The field whittled down to six: Germán Aguirre, Magoo de la Rosa , Javier Swayne , Coco Fernandez, Harold Koechlin and Gustavo Gallo. Javi Swayne showed great wave selection and claimed his third victory here. The award for Best Tube went to Gustavo Gallo.

“I want to thanks all the people of Cabo Blanco,” said Swayne. “ The fishermen, and all the children who make this place so special. It’s nice and must be looked after.”


1. Javier Swayne
2. Germán Aguirre
3. Harold Koechlin
4. Coco Fernández
5. Magoo De La Rosa
6. Gustavo Gallo


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